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A-Liveline Alive oh Gavin Duffy forced to call Joe Duffy after Bitcoin scam claims he is dead


Gavin Duffy

Gavin Duffy

Gavin Duffy

Former Presidential candidate Gavin Duffy was forced to call Liveline to prove he was still alive today.

The former Dragons' Den star was the victim of an online Bitcoin scam circulating today on Facebook.

According to the fake post, the businessman has tragically passed away and it linked to an article claiming that Mr Duffy had made his fortune through the online currency.

The businessman told Joe Duffy that he had been forced to hire a London based cyber security team to try and track down these online scammers.

“Gavin Duffy, and I am sorry to be speaking in the third person is alive and well,” he told Liveline.

“This is a Bitcoin scam and the article tells people that I have made millions in Bitcoin.


Gavin Duffy

Gavin Duffy

Gavin Duffy

“And for the record I have never invested in Bitcoin.

“I know it is a digital currency, but that is about the breadth of my knowledge.

“They are spending about €40,000 a month advertising this with Facebook.

“I am told this by the cyber security firm I have hired in London to get to the bottom of this.

“ I am told by them that they must be making multiples of that by duping people into parting with their hard-earned cash to invest in Bitcoin.”

Mr. Duffy, who ran against Michael D Higgins in the last presidential election, said that because of the scam, people had been calling his house offering their condolences.

And he said his American cousins were also fooled in to thinking he had prematurely passed away.

“These people are just taking the money and you never hear from them again but this week they have started saying that it is a tragic day for Ireland.

“But I don’t think my passing would be described as that, it might be a celebration for some.

“ My aunt Maureen who is 90 in Long Island New York, she is a mother to ten first cousins of mine... but the family have all been told not to tell aunty Maureen of my passing.

“We are getting phone calls to our home daily about where people can send their condolences.

“So, I am on here to let everyone know that it is a scam and it is simply not true.”

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