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Show must go on Fair City's Rory Cowan says Taoiseach could learn from RTE's handling of Covid-19 crisis


Rory Cowan on the set of Fair City at RTÉ

Rory Cowan on the set of Fair City at RTÉ

Rory Cowan on the set of Fair City at RTÉ

Rory Cowan has called on Michael Martin to take a leaf out of RTÉ’s Covid-19 safety book.

The Fair City actor (61) has said that the Government’s current handling of the pandemic is confused at best.

And he said that by comparison, the national broadcaster and Fair City’s producers have done a much better job in terms of health and safety.

“Do you know what RTÉ gets a lot of stick but if the country was run half as well as RTÉ has adapted to Covid 19, we would be in a much better place,” he said.

“I feel so safe when I am on set, which is more than I can say from some of the places off set.

“Honest to god it is incredible what they have done.

“Even the canteen is done so professionally.

“From the moment you walk in the door, you can’t skip a queue, and you have to follow a one-way system.


Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan

“Then the tables are marked out so fair City has their own area so we stick to that.

“There is no mixing, and tables for six are now set for two people.”

Ex- Mrs. Brown's Boys star Rory, who plays the character John Bosco Walsh on the hit soap, revealed that each actor has been made responsible for every prop they use on set.

He even has to sign out his own pint glass from the props department when he is heading to McCoys for an on set tipple.

“You have to collect your won props and keep them with you at all times.

“I was doing a scene in the pub and I had to pick up my own glass, being it with me to the bar and take it back after filming.

“That way nobody else could have touched it.

“I pick up my costumes and the come sealed and itemised in a clear plastic bag.

“ I take them away and put them on and then put them back in the sealed bag and return them to wardrobe.

“I have my own separate dressing room so there is no chance of cross contamination.

“It is incredible. Honestly, I feel so safe every time I am back there and the wonderful well is that the atmosphere on set hasn’t changed at all.

“We are still having as much fun and craic as we did before the pandemic.”

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