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in for a stuffing Dustin the Turkey demands Niall Horan pays him royalties 'he earned ripping me off'


Dustin the Turkey

Dustin the Turkey

Dustin the Turkey

Feathers are set to fly this evening on The Den as pop heart-throb Niall Horan squares up to Dustin the Turkey to settle their fowl dispute.

Their tiff kicked off during the summer when Dustin cut Niall off as the star was singing on RTÉ's Comic Relief, saying: "We wanted Harry Styles!"

Dustin told the Sunday World he realised he upset Niall's fans around the world with his remarks.

He says: "I did, but they don't know the story, that's the problem. They don't know that the pup blatantly ripped me off.


Niall was cut off by Dustin on Comic Relief

Niall was cut off by Dustin on Comic Relief

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Niall was cut off by Dustin on Comic Relief

"You can spin it all you like, but we all know that Dustin Mary Gertrude Beethoven Hoffman The Third had his image stolen by that young pup in Mullingar who has made millions off it, so this is going to be Rocky 2, 3 and 4, that's what's going to happen when we get into the ring tomorrow evening on The Den at 6.30."

Dustin hasn't done any training for his eagerly awaited battle with the young Mullingar man.

"I don't need to, that's the truth of the matter," Dustin says.

"He looked at me growin' up every day on The Den and he copied me. No wonder when I walk down the street now and people ask me for my autograph and I sign it 'Dustin'…they look at it and say, 'I thought you were Niall Horan.'

"Apparently the same happens him when he's back home in Mullingar.

"But I'm a peaceful turkey and I'm willing to offer the olive branch if he's willing to give me his share of the royalties that he illegally earned ripping me off, otherwise the fight goes ahead. We're calling it The Spar In Mullingar, it's a brutal title, I know."

And if he doesn't survive the fight, where does Dustin want to be buried?

"Well, there could be a death at 6.30, but it won't be me," he stresses. "But when I do die I want me ashes scattered over the Seoige sisters."

The last time we met, Dustin was launching my book on the life and times of Mullingar's greatest son, Joe Dolan, in the town's Greville Arms Hotel.

"Joe Dolan was a legend, a proper singer from Mullingar," Dustin said yesterday.

The Den has been a massive success since its return to TV with Ray D'Arcy. So has Dustin saved Ray's TV career?

"No, I'm not God," he guffaws. "Look, when Ray left Today FM he forgot to take his personality with him. I'm sure he'll go back and pick it up some day."

Has Ray changed? "Yeah, he has changed, he's got good again. He had declared a war on craic on Saturday nights. RTÉ and Ray put together this thing where they didn't want people to enjoy Saturday nights. They came up with this plan called The Ray D'Arcy Show.

"But I think it went too far, so then RTE said...'we're going to bring back The Den to apologise for the Ray D'Arcy Show.' Hence The Den was reborn and it's brilliant, we have a totally new audience.

"We've been off TV for 12 to 15 years and despite all the technology nowadays people are going mad to hear Zag rap their birthday on The Den. But when you have it you haven't lost it."

And Dustin intends to show he hasn't lost it when he takes on Niall Horan on The Den at 6.30 this evening on RTÉ One.

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