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box-office gold Does McGregor have a new opponent - Joe Duffy?


The one-time two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor

The one-time two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor

The one-time two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor

RTÉ is hoping for box-office gold by landing Conor McGregor for its new series of The Meaning of Life.

Forget Dickie Rock versus Johnny Logan - The Notorious versus Joe Duffy is the lockdown match the nation has been waiting for.

The national broadcaster is hopeful of scoring the coup for its new version of Gay Byrne's iconic series.

The Liveline host is currently off-air as he is filming episodes of the show where celebrities discuss their religious beliefs.

While show producers are desperate to keep the line-up a secret, a well-placed source close to Conor McGregor confirmed that a request to take part in the show had been received from RTÉ.

"The official request has been put into Conor and he has received it, but that's all I can say about that," the source said.

"As far as I am aware, Conor has not turned it down but he certainly hasn't accepted it.

"He has nothing but respect for Joe Duffy but this is not his normal environment.

"He has just announced his retirement and is taking time away from the limelight so maybe this won't suit him... But it's not a definite 'no' yet."

The public first got wind of Joe's new television project when he announced on air on Friday he was taking some time off for an exciting new project.


While Joe had remained quiet on the show's details, it wasn't long before speculation ran rife that Joe was taking the helm of the iconic show.

It is understood Joe (pictured) is filming the first few episodes in Dublin this week.

The Meaning of Life first began in 2009 and came off air in 2016 but was never short of controversy.

Each episode saw Gay interview prominent public figures, including his infamous conversation about religion with Stephen Fry.

"Let's be honest, I think everyone in Ireland would be glued in to Joe interviewing Conor McGregor," an RTÉ insider said.

Conor McGregor's UK representative declined to comment when contacted.

An RTÉ spokesperson said they wouldn't be making a statement until the station's autumn launch next week.