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That's not Don Daniel O'Donnell reveals Facebook scammers are trying to con his fans out of cash

The singer, 60, told fans in no uncertain terms how he will NEVER try to contact them privately through his Facebook messenger.


Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell has fallen prey to scammers who have tried to con cash out of his fans by trying to hijack his Facebook pages.

The millionaire Donegal singer was forced to make a video pleading to fans not to engage with the hoaxers online.

Daniel revealed how the con artists are pretending to be him or his staff and messaging back fans.

Daniel said he is unsure why the hackers are trying to pretend they are him but pleaded with fans not to engage with them.

The singer, 60, told fans in no uncertain terms how he will NEVER try to contact them privately through his Facebook messenger.


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He said: “Many of you are getting messages asking you to message back either to me or to somebody in our office.

“I just want you to know that the Facebook page is only ever used to put up messages or videos and we never ask you to message us back.

“We don’t ever message anybody directly or ask you to private message us back.

“Please don’t message anybody back as these people are only trying to take advantage of you. I don’t know whether they can extract money but it’s certainly not us, so don’t answer any message like that.”

The star said he really appreciated all the messages of support and kindness left on his Facebook page.

And he said he hoped fans hadn’t fallen victim to the scammers.

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“We really do appreciate the fact that you write on the page but don’t ever thing that we will private message you back to get you to answer us.

“I hope this is clear and I hope that no one of you have experienced anything derogatory or disrespectful because of these messages until now.

“But please take it from me that we are not messaging anybody,” added Daniel.

Daniel received hundreds of messages of support when he posted the short video.

Scores of fans left messages supporting him and thanking him for his honesty.

However, some revealed how their accounts had already been hacked as a result.

Fan Jane Cumming said “Thanks for sharing this Daniel. I don’t know how many times I’ve been hacked. Sad really.”

Another fan Kat Halloran said “Yes I received messages saying it was from you Daniel, and it went on for a while. I was surprised and in the end, I did think there was something strange.

“Thank you for clearing that up.”

Theresa Mary Feeney wrote “Thank you for doing this for your fans. Hearing it from you personally will mean more to some.

“God bless all the good you do.”

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