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no laughing matter Comedian Micky Bartlett is heading back on tour - and this time he's angry

The Lurgan funny man says joking about events in his life will be more difficult because he hasn't done anything for a year


Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett


Micky Bartlett

Comedian Micky Bartlett is back and he's a bit angry.

The Lurgan funny man had just organised this summer's outdoor Taking the Roof Off beer garden tour when indoor pubs reopened.

And last year all his international work disappeared in an instant when Covid hit.

"I had two Australian tours and an American tour planned and now I'm doing a beer garden in Ballygawley," says Micky.

"A year's worth of work got cancelled in an hour last year. I feel like this tour is going to be a bit angrier than people are used to, because I'll usually work up ­material in a comedy club, and this time I'm just getting stuck in."

The 34-year-old star of Monumental, Soft Border Patrol and Dave's One Night Stand says joking about events in his life will also be slightly more difficult because he hasn't done anything for a year.

"If I'm doing a new show, I can talk about things that have happened in my life but absolutely nothing has happened except me putting on a stone.

"Me and my mates even stopped texting each other, and two of them had a baby.

"If I don't have gigs I will try and get attention in any way I can, so I tried skipping in the back garden with the neighbour looking over and judging me."

The comedian plans to make the most of material from his brief stint on the dating scene again last year.

It ended when he found a girlfriend, but the experience made him realise things had changed since he last went looking for love.

"When you're on Tinder at 26 it's all about loving gin and long walks.

"Now you're asking for no time wasters please. It's like going to view a flat and asking them to pay a deposit."

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He kept his comedy muscles flexed by appearing on The Blame Game with Tim McGarry, Neil Delamere and Colin Murphy, and thanks fate that he and pal Conor Keys had started their Deckchair and Yumz podcast before Covid hit.

The pair also provide a public service with The Agony Hour, offering terrible advice during a live call-in.

"It's been good to know that for an hour a week I have to have three jokes ready," says Micky.

"On the Blame Game, we did it with no audience in the room and 300 people on Zoom so every time someone pulled their headphones out it messed the sound up.

"It was so much fun to be back with Tim and Colin and Neil, but it was strange to forget you have to have manners. I'm used to cursing and farting and burping and you have to remember these aren't your relatives."

He's spent the last year in the bosom of his family but says it's been more Fight Club than The Sound of Music.

"The first week we all loved it. A week later no one was talking to each other. If we didn't need a kidney from each other at some point we'd never speak again.

"I recently asked my mother if I could borrow a bra, just so I could run up and down the stairs, just for comfort. I've watched my girlfriend come back from work and take her bra off and it looks so relaxing. I'm very woke.

"When a woman takes her bra off under her shirt it looks like someone has pulled a tablecloth off a table without moving anything."


Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett

He's happy life is getting back to normal with his beer garden tour starting this month and three nights of his Deckchair shows in the Ulster Hall in September, two of which have already sold out.

There were plans to reschedule Australia, but they might have to wait until next year.

For the comedian, the buzz of pre-stage nerves will be welcome, and the work might get him out from under his parents' feet.

"I forgot what it was like to be terrified to go back to work, with the adrenalin and the excitement, and I can feel that coming back slowly. The worst-case scenario is no one laughs.

"And after the Ulster Hall gigs, I'll walk into the bank with the money and ask for one medium house please," says Micky.

For information and tickets about Micky's gigs go to shine.net.

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