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serious impact Broadcaster Mairead Ronan reveals how she is still 'only around 80 percent' after Covid battle


Mairead Ronan. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Mairead Ronan. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Mairead Ronan. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Today FM presenter Mairéad Ronan has disclosed how everyone in her immediate family got Covid-19 at different times in the past year and said she still feels like she hasn’t fully recovered.

The radio and television presenter told Karl Henry on Independent.ie’s Real Health podcast how a “stressful year” played out including how her three children and husband Louis all contracted the disease.

Mairéad said the first feeling she had was one of fear that the virus had made its way into her family.

She said her husband Louis and baby daughter Bonnie were the first to contract Covid.

“[Louis] had the classic signs of a very bad headache, temperature and extremely tired, a tiredness that Louis just had never had before. So he got tested, came back positive. And then we were told obviously the rest of the family would have to be tested, too, so that's when we picked up that Bonnie had it straight away.

“Bonnie wasn't well, she was clinging to me like a koala bear. She was basically living on my hip, she wouldn't go to bed without falling asleep on me first. And she was sleeping lots. So that was weird to see a two-year-old who's so full of energy and never wants to go to bed at bedtime, was now falling asleep on the couch for two and a half to three hours, and still going to bed at normal time. So it freaked us out.” .

Unfortunately, Maireád’s family had not seen the back of coronavirus as her daughter Eliza then showed up positive a week later.

“Every time somebody in the house gets it, you have to restart your clock, you've to isolate from day one again. So we were back to day one again when Eliza got it, and she didn't really have any symptoms and had nothing, nothing to worry about her.

“Louis was spending all of his time in bed, like I mean, it was weird. It was like I had slipped him a sleeping tablet. That's the only way I can describe his behaviour. He was sleeping all day getting up at about 5pm having a bit of food and then going back to bed again.”

As three members of her family began to recover and leave the virus behind, Maireád said she picked up the virus herself, before her teenage son Darragh became the final member of the family to be infected.

Mairéad said she or her family did nothing out of the ordinary to contract the virus.

“We weren't doing anything we weren't supposed to be doing. We didn't have any house parties. We don't have a shebeen at the back garden or anything like that.

“I got Covid. And I got Covid pretty bad, like, pretty bad.

“Look, if we could see Covid, if it had a colour, and we could see where it is, we would never leave our house because it is just everywhere. And this would have been, you know, January, February time, so I didn't feel so stupid then.

“And then Darragh got it, my teenager got it so it was just awful, awful to be locked back up again, for a second time”.

Mairéad said she tried to work through it but had to “take to the bed” when she became really sick.

“Today FM are very good and let me take some time off work. I feel fine now, but I definitely don't feel like I'm at the energy levels I would have had before it.

“I definitely think I'm still operating only at about 80pc, I still have probably a little bit to go to get my full energy levels back again. Yeah, it was awful, but not as awful as for the people who have obviously ended up in hospital or have lost a loved one, you know. That didn't happen to us, thank God.”

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