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in the bunker UFC star Conor McGregor parties in Black Forge Inn with niece before going off booze

He posted a number of photos online, name-checking his niece Taylor and his mother Margaret's neighbours before thanking God in a bizarre post.


Conor and his crew

Conor and his crew

Conor and his crew

Conor McGregor appears to be packing in some serious socialising ahead of his self-declared abstinence from drinking. 

The Notorious recently revealed how he will be “immersing myself in full training again” with “complete abstention from my wonderful creations of spirit and ale” as he prepares for his UFC comeback.

However, in a series of new pictures and a rambling message on Instagram the Dubliner appeared to be making the most of his free time before he gets back to the day job.

After spending Saturday night drinking pints and whiskey at his Dublin pub, the Black Forge Inn in Dublin 12, he posted a number of photos online, name-checking his niece Taylor and his mother Margaret's neighbours before thanking God in a bizarre post.


Conor's big night out

Conor's big night out

Conor's big night out

He said: "One half of the Dubai 2 in the house Saturday night but we are no 2, @blake__nm_! Uimhir a haon. We celebrate freedom here at The Black Forge Inn. Freedom and justice! Great to see Niamh in enjoying her Saturday night. My roofer O' Brien roofing also in, done (sic) a great job on my roof, it is now a full on bunker, like no other.

"A blacked out bunker. 60 plus staff. The Black Forge Inn, Dublin Twelve. Stawl it (sic). Food and drinks and sparkling 24/7 365. Sound system blow your nickers (sic) off.

"Taylor my niece also in enjoying her @forgedirishstout. Hers because it’s hers when it hits. Make no mistake. This a kingdom and I’m King. Tay 850 a week beep new jeep. Rangey. Eyesight 20/10 vision. Because 2020 is done. It’s not 2020 no more. Its not what it was no more, you get me? I love you, my Taylor.

"My mother's home Pearse Street also in the house loving it and enjoying them selves. Pearse Street loves it. We love Pearse Street! My pub The Black Forge Inn is for Pearse Street also, many may not know fully.

"The name of my snug is Christy’s Snug. Engraved! After my Grandfather. Yup Jakes! Christy ‘Jakes’ Moore. Pearse Street. My mother's, mad, loving father. We miss but we know where you are granda. Here at this bar hahahaa. Eating and drinking on the gaff.

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"Whiskey is a mad man’s drink my mother always says hahahaha who’s runs it ma? Thanks for the early house my Grandfather! And the whiskey. And the gargle. Five more minutes, Ma. My Mother's blood line! The Moores.

"I have spirits around this whole premise(s) watching over every single patron that enters. Support. Protection. Guidance. Spiritual connection from above. Chaos. Ya ya yaaaaa hahahahaha, I don’t just make spirits, I have spirits! Ghosts on a string.

"What a pub I'm after making hahahahahahaaj ah stop lord have mercy father save my soul, give me two and a double and use the thing with the bubble, back us all our father God Jesus Christ. Please, thank you! We deserve the best! God, we deserve this, thank you, God has our back! 100pc"

A number of McGregor's Instagram followers expressed some confusion with one writing: "I bet he wrote this out last night but decided to save it to see if he felt the same way in the morning before posting it. Clearly the whiskey hasn’t worn off yet it still makes sense to him to share this."

Earlier that day Conor McGregor had shared a photo of himself enjoying his new stout as he bragged about taking on Guinness in his local pub.

McGregor shared the photo as he promised fans he would be abstaining from alcohol when he resumes training.

“Sitting in actual awe at present. Can’t quite describe it,” he wrote on social media.

“Last week, Saturday, the first day Ireland became free from restriction, and also coincidentally the anniversary of the late Arthur Guinness, @forgedirishstout outsold Guinness on premise for the first time. And everyday since!

“@forgedirishstout is now the clear leader in Stout sales for us! All of us in this industry know, for a Stout to do this is just unprecedented! Incredible!

“The fact it happened for the first time on that day in particular, I feel it a sign that I am on the right path here with all of this

“Onwards and upwards we go!

"For my fighting fans, I want to say I know I am enjoying myself with my liquid, but very soon I will be immersing myself in full training again with complete abstention from my wonderful creations of Spirit and Ale. Just five more minutes, Ma.”

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