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TUNING OUT Paschal Donohoe admits he can't listen to Mario Rosenstock's impressions of him


Paschal Donohue can't bear Gift Grub's impressions

Paschal Donohue can't bear Gift Grub's impressions


Paschal Donohue can't bear Gift Grub's impressions

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has admitted he can’t listen to mimic Mario Rosenstock in case he gets too upset. 

The Fine Gael TD, who is about to deliver Ireland latest budget, said that while he has great admiration for the Today FM funnyman, his impersonations are too close to the bone.

“He is an amazing mimic and comedian but a little secret that I will let you in on is that I never listen to things like that,” he said.

“I hope Mario won’t be offended by that.

“And while that is a lighter impression of me, and in good spirit, something there can be things said and imitations given that you do feel differently about.


Funnyman Mario Rosenstock

Funnyman Mario Rosenstock

Funnyman Mario Rosenstock

“We are all human and we have to look after ourselves when we are doing our jobs, and I am the same.

“So, I don’t listen to any of that, because what is sometimes said in jest by one person can be different when it is you hearing it.

“I tend to stay well away from that because maintaining my composure and focus on what I do is important to me.

“Mario is incredibly talented and I know he has had me sing a few songs and while I haven't heard them, I have a number of family and friends who enjoy listening to them.”

Paschal was speaking to the Dermot and Dave radio show on Today FM where he was grilled by listeners about life outside of the Dail.

He admitted that he liked a pint and that he would choose Fianna Fail TD Mattie McGrath as a drinking buddy.

And he also said that when he is not working, he likes to splurge his own cash on buying books.

However, he also revealed himself as a bit of a music nerd, insisting that the thing he missed most during the pandemic was live music.

And he said that the gig that he thinks of most, that gets him through the tough days is U2 in the 3Arena.

“Of the recent gigs I’ve been to, I guess I always think of places like Vicar Street at 3 Arena, there are a couple that spring to mind.

“The last time I saw the Waterboys in Vicar Street is one.

“When I think of the 3Arena I think of all the times I saw U2 play there, in particular when they played their Songs of Experience album.

“It was a glory album to the north side of Dublin and for different reasons those gigs are most in my mind at the moment.”

The minister also added that he was a passionate Spurs fan and revealed that his favourite player of all time is English Striker Harry Kane.

“I do support the greatest football team in the world and I am pleased to confirm that I support Spurs,” he added.

“I do wish that Jose Mourinho would smile a bit more but I am delighted to see Matt Doherty play for Spurs.

“At home I support Bohs in Phibsborough.

“And when Matt Doherty joined Spurs it benefited Bohs by a couple of million, it was a huge deal.

“So, I think he is the kind of payer we needed.

“The player I admire most is Harry Kane.

"I just think it is great the way he stuck with Spurs.

"He has a sense of community and that is something that is desperately lacking in the Premiership, much to the loss of the competition.”

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