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Sobering Michelle Heaton apologises to Lorraine Kelly as she confesses to drinking before shows

"I wanted to say sorry to you before we begin because there were times I drank before I sat on this sofa"


Michelle sobs as she talks to Lorraine

Michelle sobs as she talks to Lorraine

Michelle sobs as she talks to Lorraine

Former RTE star Michelle Heaton made a tearful apology to Lorraine Kelly as she confessed to drinking before previous appearances on her ITV talk show. 

The 42-yer-old broke down in tears as she opened up about her battles with addiction.

Michelle, who recently celebrated 100 days sober, went to rehab earlier this year for her addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

As she appeared on Lorraine for the first time after her rehab stint, Michelle said: "I wanted to say sorry to you before we begin because there were times I drank before I sat on this sofa."

The singer began to sob as 61-year-old host Lorraine said: "Oh love."

Michelle continued: "And you trusted me, and I did campaigns for you and I love you so much because you've always been there to support me and I want to say I'm sorry."

Lorraine then said: "Don't be daft, you don't have to apologise to me or to anybody else.

"The easy path to have taken for you was to keep drinking. The hard thing was to say: 'No I'm not gonna do this anymore, I've got an amazing husband and family and friends'."

As Michelle wiped away tears as the host told her: "And that takes real guts. You're one of the strongest women I know.

“We've followed you when you had all of those health problems, you had a double mastectomy, a hysterectomy all these things that you've gone through and you’re still standing.

"You're still here, but it's been hard hasn't it?"

Michelle then revealed: "I was in trouble with addictions many years ago. It goes worse over lockdown. I was able to hide it because of lockdown, I suppose – manipulate it – we weren't interacting with people.

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"Ultimately it became a party for one. It became self-sabotage for myself and somewhere I lost complete control and I was completely powerless to alcohol.

"I don't know when or how it happened but it's something I did and I couldn't breathe without drinking, I couldn't get out of bed."

Last month Michelle marked 100 days of sobriety by saying she is grateful and “lucky to be here”.

"I’m really grateful," she explained. "I’m just so lucky I’m here. Before, I didn’t think I deserved anything. I think that’s the thing with going through addiction, you don’t feel worthy of anything.

"That’s why you drink because you want the pain to end. That’s the reality of addiction."

She explained to OK! Magazine that the psychiatric hospital took away her phone, bags, clothes, toiletries, razors, as well as anything that could hurt her.

"You then earn your rights back depending on your physical condition, medication and what your addiction is," she added.

In a social media post that included a before and after photo, she explained that “100 days ago I took this photo, the morning I went into rehab. I remember waking up after yet another night of a party for one, alone by myself in utter madness and chaos.

“100 days on, and I wake up (with still tired eyes), but tired from just a restless sleep, not a drugged up binge.

"All I could see was darkness, now I can see light. Where there was pain I feel joy. Where there was no hope I have comfort.”

She added: “I hate to preach .. but here I go!

"I’m preaching to the still suffering addict. You are not alone, you are me, I was you!

"If you are in pain if you are controlled and have become powerless to this disease only YOU can label yourself!

"Admitting you need or want help is the first and hardest step. Let’s beat this! One day at a time. Not for tomorrow, just for today! Help is out there.”

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