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New chapter Laura Whitmore reveals she’s having a baby girl with husband Iain Stirling

The presenter wrote in her new book that her little girl will be 'the heroine of her own life'


Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

TV presenter Laura Whitmore is having a baby girl, according to an exclusive extract from her first book.

The Bray-born star (35) is due her first child with husband Iain Sterling, whom she married at an intimate ceremony in Dublin last November.

Writing in her new book, ‘No-one Can Change Your Life Except for You’, the ‘Love Island’ presenter says: “There’s a new chapter coming in my life in the form of a baby girl currently growing inside me.

“And that scares the s*it out of me. I once swallowed a fly and was freaked out that there was a live bug inside me. A little live human is a whole new level of freaking out. But I’m excited. Because there is a lot of good in the world, there is a lot of potential and I want to bring up a child knowing that she has her own story to write.”

She adds: “She will be supported and loved but she is the heroine of her own life, no-one else. We aren’t built to have it all figured out.

“Imagine how boring a tale that would be! But we have the tools and capabilities to get through anything.”

News of her engagement and subsequent wedding to the ‘Love Island’ voice-over star last November was revealed by a UK media organisation.

So the former MTV presenter has been keen to control the narrative on her pregnancy, having revealed her pregnancy bump in a shoot with a UK magazine and the baby’s gender in her new book.


 Photo by: Laura Whitmore/ Instagram

Photo by: Laura Whitmore/ Instagram

Photo by: Laura Whitmore/ Instagram

The title of her debut tome was inspired by the first album she ever owned as a child, by Wilson Philips and she also details her life growing up in Bray and her entry into the showbiz world.

However, in the book, she also details some harrowing levels of sexual harassment that she experienced as a younger woman.

“I had my ass slapped when I was 16 in a local club in Ireland and my older cousin Clair, who was with me, pushed the guy against a wall and made him apologise to me.

“He was shocked. He had never had that response before. That single moment comes back to me every time I feel violated in a similar way. No-one has the right to do that to anyone. My body, my property. This I know. But sadly, I’ve experienced such behaviour repeatedly.”

She said that when she first moved to London during her 20’s, someone “smacked my ass before I got on to a bus.”

“I’ve had lewd remarks shouted at me. Every time I pass a group of guys alone, my stomach knots and I keep my head down because I worry they’ll shout something and embarrass me. I am by no means a weak woman. I consider myself a strong person.

“But sometimes I feel I have to choose my battles and other times I feel – like in that club – what’s the point? Sometimes it’s about timing. Waiting until you feel strong enough and protected to speak up. Sometimes…you’ve just had enough.”

Broken down into nine different chapters, her book sees her sharing some of the lessons that she has learned through life and how you can take charge of your own destiny by having more self-belief.

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