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sick bullying Katie Price speaks out against online trolling of son Harvey


Katie Price and her son Harvey

Katie Price and her son Harvey

Katie Price and her son Harvey

Model Katie Price has spoken out against the online bullying directed at her teenage son Harvey.

Speaking on The Late Late Show tonight, Price said that her son receives a lot of abuse on the internet, although thankfully he is unaware of most of it.

“The most vulnerable, sweetest thing is Harvey has no idea about all of this,” she said. “When we go to the shops and people ask for a picture… He has no idea, he just likes the flash of the camera.”

She added that “he gets a lot of trolls,” and “the thing is with Harvey, he gets trolled so much as well, and luckily he doesn’t understand it, but I do.”

Host Ryan Tubridy said: “shame on the people” who troll Harvey.

“What you’re doing to highlight the case for people with special needs and their families and their extended families, and the campaign against the trolling - it’s just wonderful what you’re doing Katie, hats off to you.”

Harvey, who is now 18-years-old, has a number of disabilities.

“Harvey was born blind, and I found that out when he was six weeks old,” Price said. “I then found out he had like autism, then he had ADHD, Opposite Deficit Disorder, and he’s got Prader-Willis.”

“And people don’t really know what that is. It’s when you think you’re hungry all the time, so you just want to eat. And obviously he feels hungry all the time, so it does affect his behaviour.”

In addition to all of that, Harvey also has tic disorder and septo-optic dysplasia, which makes optic nerve development unpredictable.

“He is on medication for life,” Price said. “It is complex, but I love him to bits.”

“I would not change him, and I don’t treat him any differently than any of my other children. I try to make it as normalised as possible.”

Price also spoke about how difficult it is to find nice clothing for Harvey due to his size.

“He’s 6’2” and 29 stone, and he wears 7XL clothes,” she said. “It’s impossible to find clothes on the high street that fit him. And because he’s young I try to find him trendy clothes, but I just can’t.”

She’s trying to help him lose weight, but unfortunately it’s proving to be difficult because of Prader-Willi syndrome.

“It’s because of his condition, it’s not because he eats a lot,” Price said.

On a final note, Price also noted that she’s trying to get Harvey into a college which could accommodate his needs.

“When you settle it down to what Harvey’s got, there were only about three or four colleges that could deal with Harvey, and unfortunately it was very far from home.”

“When the college is far away, I have to say to myself it’s not forever and this is for him to transition into an adult, give him independent skills. This is what he deserves.”

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