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Dalkey delight Former Bond star Jane Seymour says southside suburb is the Malibu of Dublin

'And, of course, you have some wonderful people who live around here, who I haven't seen yet'


Silver screen legend Jane Seymour

Silver screen legend Jane Seymour

Silver screen legend Jane Seymour

Former Bond star Jane Seymour has described Dalkey, where she has been staying while filming in Ireland, as the Malibu of Dublin. 

The veteran actress, who is currently living in South Dublin as she works on the Harry Wild series, told how she gets up early in the morning to capture the beauty of the sunrise.

“I have been told that Dalkey is the Malibu of Dublin,” she said in an interview with Oliver Callan on the Ryan Tubridy show this morning.

“And, of course, you have some wonderful people who live around here, who I haven't seen yet, but I'm told the Edge and Enya are all around the corner somewhere.

“It is beautiful,” she added. “Every day I wake up at five in the morning and I take photographs of the sunrise over Dalkey Island. It’s not so bad, is it?”

The 70-year star said she was enjoying working on Harry Wild, which she described as a “wonderful detective slash comedy piece”.

“We’re shooting it here, in and around Dublin,” she said. “I play a retired English professor who, using her knowledge of English literature, helps her son who is a guard, solve murders. She’s always right and she's quite a character. She is a wild woman she does not believe in getting married, if she wants a relationship she takes it. Her sidekick is a very young man who she meets in a strange situation.”

She also revealed how she will be in Ireland until mid-August and “if the series does well I might be back for more next year”.

“So I may become a regular here,” she laughed. “Malibu is home right now but after this I go to England to do another feature movie in late August in London and then I go to Oklahoma and do another movie in September. I can't believe how crazy busy I am at the moment.”

Jane also described how she injured herself while out running during a break on set.

“I was running through a park and getting quite proud of myself at my age running like a nimble 30 year old.

“I slid on the damp and went full forward and managed to land on my left knee which was not good because I got multiple hairline fractures but I did not miss a minute of work.

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“I managed to finish what was left of that scene and worked the next day. Then I went to the doctor who told me what was really wrong with me.

“I've been wearing a knee brace and a lot of icing and (taking a lot of) paracetamol. I have some crunches when I have to go up or down some stairs but on camera you wouldn’t know. Apparently I glide around as if nothing was wrong.”

Jane reflected on how she managed to avoid the “curse” of being a Bond girl by going on to have an enormous career afterwards.

“I broke the cycle I think by immediately going off and doing repertory and playing all the classics, like Shakespeare and stuff like that. I went to America and I played Americans from the time I was 26.

“I was greedy,” she added. “I wanted to have it all. I wanted to do movies, theatre, television, radio everything.

“I was called the queen of the miniseries because I got to do all these wonderful mini-series. If you think about it, that's kind of what streaming is now. It’s brilliant because you don't have to watch all the commercials. You can binge watch when you're available rather than worrying about whether you’re home on the night so that's been fantastic.”

She also said she believes she “broke the mold” after starring in (the Western drama) Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman.

“I went and did Wedding Crashers (in 2005) and everyone suddenly said, ‘oh my God, she's funny’, I've been doing a lot of comedy since then.

“When I came in for the Wedding Crashers they had an audition which I don’t think I had ever done in my life. They said, ‘oh, you're great, you're a Bond girl, you were in the Bond film’.

"I thought, ‘I'm 60-something now and I was twenty when I did that so I can't imagine that they didn't know that I had actually worked since then. I was completely under their radar. It was quite amusing music but it was great fun.”

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