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Arch Hades: Publishers love to patronise social media poetry

The poet has one million followers on Instagram.


A bookshelf at Hay-On-Wye (Ryan Phillips/PA)

A bookshelf at Hay-On-Wye (Ryan Phillips/PA)

A bookshelf at Hay-On-Wye (Ryan Phillips/PA)

Arch Hades has said publishers “love to patronise” a revival of poetry which is happening on social media.

The poet, who has one million followers on Instagram and regularly shares her work online, told The Sunday Telegraph online poets are “not welcomed into the old world”.

She added she is frustrated with the new term “‘Instapoet’ because it implies that I’m not a real poet”.

Hades said: “There’s a revival of poetry, there is an appetite for poetry, ironically, thanks to platforms like Instagram, the very platform that they (publishers) love to patronise.

“But instead of embracing this wave of enthusiasm for poetry, these publishing houses are putting up walls and stopping poets from entering.

“So no wonder so many poets are on social media because they’re not welcomed in the old world.”

Hades added she is “frustrated by the fact that traditionally poetry has been a very male-dominated world”.

“How wonderful is it that poetry has become much more democratic,” she said.

“I really hope more people are interested in this and accepted into the wider poetry circles.”

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