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Aisling O’Loughlin says she feared missing Irish anti-vax doctor fell foul of ‘bad people’

A prominent anti-vaxxer herself, O’Loughlin has previously shared her beliefs that the Covid-19 vaccination was ‘satanic’
Aisling O'Loughin

Aisling O'Loughin

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The former Xposé presenter, Aisling O’Loughlin, has posted a new, bizarre video online whether she raises questions about the sudden disappearance of a well-known Irish anti-vax doctor, and suggesting he fell foul of “bad people”

A prominent anti-vaxxer herself, O’Loughlin has previously shared her beliefs that the Covid-19 vaccination was ‘satanic’.

Banned from Instagram for “repeatedly sharing harmful misinformation” on the issues of vaccines and Covid-19, the mother of three has been posting her messages on her Telegram page instead.

In her latest video she opens by saying “we need to discuss this” referring to the doctor by name as she is “ concerned about the way it is being covered”.

She explains to her audience that the doctor she is referring to is an “outspoken” Irish GP.

“And thank God for him, I mean you could have counted on one hand the doctors who came out to say wait a second we need to talk (about the vaccine programme).

“I interviewed him and he’s brilliant, he has a brilliant brain, ‘coming back to meet himself’, as they'd say in Limerick.

“A smart guy, the kind of brains we need and the kind of people who have come to the fore, the smartest and the best of the best. Quite frankly, we're very lucky we have good people on this team, strong people.

“So I was very concerned, alarm bells went off this week, when I heard he'd gone missing. Because we know what happens to people who speak up. It’s incredibly serious, because they're easy to pick up because so few people speak up.

“If the doctors had shown any bit of an old brain in between the lot of them they would have stood up, you know, it's just remarkable, it's beyond words that they didn't. That in fact they went ahead and gave out this experimental injection for people who had a 99.7% survival rate, unbelievable.

“And now that they're even going ahead and giving it to kids, it's just hard to fathom, but (name of doctor) was one of the few to say we need to discuss this and he managed to keep his brain intact and his logic intact.

“The true science, let's put it on the table and let's study it. So it was very concerning to find out he’d gone missing especially when you looked at his final, well not final as he's re-emerged thank God, but his last tweets before he went missing.

“He put the Pfizer jab under the microscope and you can see all these jagged bits. We know this but for the wider public who are blocking their ears and sticking their heads in the sand and won't hear it we need the medical community to show us and he was doing that.

“So it was incredibly concerning when he goes missing. Thankfully he’s remerged, I'm so happy to hear that. And it could have been that he just fell off his bike or something happened, it could be anything, but in the context of what's going on and how weird things are, we're in the twilight zone.

“People who speak up get punished by bad people. That's what's happening and that's why we need to do it collectively, we need everybody to wake up.

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“I mean we probably won't get everybody but we need a good chunk of people to start looking at this seriously, stop being cowardly, especially people in the medical community, and start asking the appropriate questions as (this) doctor was doing before he disappeared.

“This should have been big news but it wasn't. And then when he was found, and the gardai say no need for any further inquiries.

“There's absolutely every need for further inquiries. I don't know what happened, I've sent him a message, maybe it's nothing, but in the context of where we're at in this very weird twilight zone we need answers.

“We need to hear it from the doctor himself, ‘Braveheart ‘, you know, a person who is stuck with the truth against the odds in a society that does not like the truth and does not want to hear it because the lies are more comforting.”

She ends the almost five-minute clip by adding: “And that's where we asked and that's why we need people to get together and to start using their voices and to start saying you can't get us all.

“So we need to talk about this and we need to talk about (tis) doctor because this is a big story and the way it’s been covered also sends out alarm bells. Why isn't it being covered appropriately? What's going on? I'd like to know more.”

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