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Giant mistake Young Irish tourists fined for frolicking in Bologna's famous Neptune fountain

'The five were stopped and fined (€500) and fortunately no damage to the historic monument was recorded'


The lads enjoy a dip

The lads enjoy a dip

The lads enjoy a dip

A local Italian councillor in Bologna has posted picture of what he claims are five young Irish tourists frolicking in the city’s famous Neptune fountain. 

In the images posted on the Facebook page of public representative Alberto Aitini there appears to five young men sitting in the waters of the iconic fountain which is also known as ‘The Giant’ in their underwear.

A couple of them have drinks in their hands.

Councillor Aitini said that yesterday morning (August 2) at dawn “Five young Irish tourists, under the influence of alcohol, climbed the Neptune fountain."

“Thanks to the alarm we recently installed, the intervention of the local police and the Carabinieri immediately occurred, which I thank.

"The five were stopped and fined (€500 per fine) and fortunately no damage to the historic monument was recorded.”

He added: “It's pretty depressing (as well as outright infuriating) that we need video surveillance and alarm systems to ensure what would be behaviour dictated by the simplest common sense, good manners, intelligence.

“But in order to take better care of our common heritage we have invested a lot in technology these years and this allows time to have local police or law enforcement intervened timely.

"And for this reason we will continue to implement all the necessary means to safeguard our beautiful city.”

It has been reported that the lads told cops they were trying to recreate a scene from the 1960s hit movie La Dolce Vita, where two characters strip and wade into the Trevi Fountain in Rome 400kms away.

One witness said: “They were screaming like pigs in a slaughterhouse and woke us up at 6am.


The lads are spoken to by police

The lads are spoken to by police

The lads are spoken to by police

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“When my husband and I looked out the window we could not believe our eyes.

“These five boys, in their underwear, perched on the statue of the Giant drinking. They were shouting like mad men.”

One man said: “The five of them tried to flee, but the marble was wet and one of them slipped. I got an awful shock because I was worried he had badly injured himself.

“But, maybe because of the alcohol he got up straight away, as if nothing had happened.”

The witness said two of the five managed to flee from the fountain, but were caught a few hundred yards away and hauled back to their pals.

The witness said the men continued to drink beer while they were being grilled by the cops – who had to ask them to put their bottles down.

Each of the men was fined €500 – but were warned it was not higher because they had not damaged the fountain.

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