Former wife of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter reveals shocking details of husband’s infidelities

‘Hunter. My Hunter. My partner. My love. Sitting in a matching robe, looking down at something, and seemingly unaware that his picture was being taken’

A previously published picture of Hunter Biden

Neil Fetherstonhaugh

The former wife of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has revealed the moment she discovered he had been unfaithful, when she accidently spotted a picture of her husband with another “young and pretty” woman with “mascara dripping from her eyes”.

Kathleen Buhle, who was married to the president's son from 1993 to 2017, has described the shocking revelations and how she grew suspicious about his subsequent affair with his sister-in-law Hallie Biden, in a bombshell new memoir.

Detailing the breakdown of their 24-year marriage and her husband's affairs and battles with addiction in her book, If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing, the 52-year-old mother describes how her 'life was forever changed' on the July 4 weekend in 2014.

Kathleen writes that she and Hunter had stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris a month earlier in June, weeks after he had travelled there on a solo business trip.

Hunter (52) had been away in Mexico when Kathleen's family had come over to the couple's home for a visit.

Kathleen's brother Michael was looking at photos of her trip to the Paris Four Seasons on Hunter's iPad, when they suddenly stumbled across a photo of a woman in a similar room wearing a bathrobe from the hotel.

Kathleen writes: '[M]y body froze. What had I just seen?'

'''I'll be right back,'' I said, and pressed the iPad to my chest as I walked to my bedroom in the back of the house.

“The picture was of a woman on the stone balcony of a hotel room much like ours in Paris, wearing a white Four Seasons robe.

The photo was a little blurry, “but she had a heart-shaped face with red lips and dark hair,” she added.

But it was the next picture, Kathleen writes, that hit her “like a full-body wave”.

“Hunter. My Hunter. My partner. My love. Sitting in a matching robe, looking down at something, and seemingly unaware that his picture was being taken.

“In our 22 years together I'd never once questioned his faithfulness to his vows.”

She reveals “the only other person” she told about the photos was Hallie, who was married to Hunter's brother Beau.

“Hallie and I had found common ground as Biden daughters-in-law, mothers, and runners, and with Beau's illness, I saw her strength, dedication, and loyalty,” Kathleen writes.

Kathleen Buhle, who was married to the president's son from 1993 to 2017, has described the shocking revelations in her new book

“But when I told her about the photos, I'll never forget what she said: 'If you leave him, Kathleen, he'll find someone else, and then you'll have to live with that’.”

However, Kathleen details how she confronted Hunter.

“I know what you did in Paris. I know you were with another woman. I saw pictures on your iPad,” he told Hunter, according to the book.

“He then replied: 'I love you Kathleen. I love you, I promise.'

“You can't promise me anymore, Hunter, because I don't believe you. I don't know how I'll ever believe you again,” she writes.

He said: ‘I didn't have sex with the woman in the picture. I promise. I met her in a club. I was drunk…we fooled around but we did not have sex.’

It was when Kathleen demanded he tell her “everyone” he had slept with that Hunter finally came clean about some of his previous affairs.

He told her there had been five times, all with prostitutes and all outside the country, adding he only cheated when he was drinking.

Kathleen officially filed for divorce from Hunter in December 2016, after the pair separated in October 2015, which was about five months after his brother Beau died of brain cancer.

Kathleen Buhle's new book

But sometime between their separation and the divorce filing, Hunter had begun having an affair with Hallie.

Kathleen said she and Hallie were close friends and that she was by her side through Beau's illness.

But, she wrote that after Beau's funeral, Hunter 'started spending most of his time at Hallie's house.

A year after Beau's death, Kathleen finally discovers the true nature of Hunter and Hallie's relationship when their middle daughter Finnegan reads a text conversation between them on Hunter's phone.

“Hunter’s relapses, Beau’s diagnosis, the cheating—each of these moments had brought a powerful, visceral wave of emotion,” she writes. “But this news, in some ways the very most damning, seemed to sit placidly on the surface…I felt a strange sense of vindication. Not only had I not been crazy, but it was so much worse than I could have imagined.”

After finally getting proof of their affair in a devastating revelation from her kids, she took the phone and discovered a slew of texts with other women.

'I sat in the kitchen with Hunter's phone in my hands, and I found so much more than his affair. While I'd felt as if I was losing my mind, he'd been living a strange new life I didn't recognize at all.

'The texts were filled with curses and graphic sexual references. He was mean at times, and then strangely tender, with dozens of women–none of whom I'd ever heard of before.

'How long had he been sleeping with Hallie while we walked into our therapist's office together and talked about healing and saving our marriage?'

Kathleen speculates that Hunter's bad behaviour was partly because 'it was hard for him and his own sense of worth to be the supporting act' to Joe and Beau.

On why Hunter was such a mess: 'I wonder if our life was too quiet for Hunter. Maybe he needed more. Joe and Beau both experienced success in a very public way….I wonder if their success took a toll on him.'

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