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Tributes for star Plummer


Christopher Plummer.

Christopher Plummer.

Christopher Plummer.

Russell Crowe remembered Christopher Plummer as a "good man" as Hollywood continued to pay tribute to 'The Sound Of Music' star following his death aged 91.

Canadian actor Plummer enjoyed a stellar career on stage and screen, with acclaimed turns in films including 'The Man Who Would Be King', 'Knives Out' and 'Beginners', the 2010 comedy which made him the oldest person to win an acting Oscar.

He will perhaps be best remembered for playing Captain von Trapp in the 1965 musical 'The Sound Of Music'.

Plummer, who died in Connecticut on Friday, was later dismissive of the movie, despite its success.

Following his death, Crowe, Plummer's co-star in 'The Insider' and 'A Beautiful Mind', was among the Hollywood figures who paid tribute.

Crowe shared a Twitter thread recalling a story Plummer had told him about being a young actor in 1960s London and bumping into Peter Finch, the Oscar-winning star of 1976 drama 'Network'.

Plummer had recently started dating a young woman and former partner of Finch's, who had arrived at a party in Chelsea in a "very confrontational mood".

After Finch followed them around "making disparaging remarks", the woman insisted she and Plummer leave. However, Finch followed them into the car and "kept up a torrent of abuse from the back seat".

Eventually, according to Crowe, the woman kicked them both out. Plummer is said to have been "chilled with fear" at being left alone with Finch, who had "threatened him with physical violence a number of times".

However, Crowe said: "In an instant the red anger left his (Finch's) face, and the piercing knives of his eyes resolved into something impish and charming… 'Thank f*** we got rid of her' he bellowed mellifluously, echoing off the empty street, then whispered 'let's find a drink'. They became friends."

Oscar-winner Crowe, recalling his time working with Plummer, added: "Occasionally we would spend time together after work. He preferred one on one, a good drink, not just any drink. I appreciated his candour and wisdom. As Actors do though, in the big circles we swing around, we fell out of touch.

"I reached out to him in 2012 after he won the Academy Award to say 'on behalf of Finch and I, welcome to the club'. He laughed. Rest In Peace Mr Plummer. Good man. Fine actor."

Anne Hathaway was 19 when she appeared alongside Plummer in a 2002 adaptation of Charles Dickens' 'Nicholas Nickleby'.

In her tribute, she said Plummer was "calm, steady, generous, and so, so funny" and recalled how he was on hand to present her with her Academy Award for 2012's 'Les Miserables'. She added "I hope you felt all the love you created."

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