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'No notice' Teen stab victim's shock as attacker freed

Ex-lover who stabbed and beat him serves just 8 months


Luke O’Brien was attacked

Luke O’Brien was attacked

Luke O’Brien was attacked

A teenager, repeatedly stabbed by a 'sexually confused' former lover, has spoken of his shock after his attacker was released from prison after serving less than half his sentence.

Luke O'Brien (19) only found out from friends earlier this week that attacker Jason Moore was back in Dungarvan after being released from Cork Prison.

And he says he is livid he was given no advance notice by either the Irish Prison Service or gardaí.

Our exclusive picture shows how Luke came within millimetres of being blinded in one eye by former boyfriend Moore during a horror knife attack.

Moore (20) viciously attacked innocent Luke and stabbed him six times after details of their secret sexual meet-ups became known locally.

But despite the severity of the knife attack, Moore initially avoided jail when he received a fully suspended two-year jail sentence at Waterford Circuit Court last year.

The sentence - which was appealed on the grounds of undue leniency by the DPP - led to a review by the Court of Criminal Appeal which, in January, quashed the original verdict and ordered that Moore serve the full two years in custody.

"The DPP went to a lot of trouble to get justice for what he did to me … but now the same system has freed him after just eight months and nine days.

"I'm living in Limerick now, so I only heard he was out through friends back in Dungarvan. I rang Cork Prison and they directed me to speak with the Prison Service Victim Liaison Officer.

"Basically, what I have found out since is that he has to do two days of community service a week and stay out of licensed premises, but apart from that there are no other restrictions on him."

Luke previously told the Sunday World how came out to his friends when he was 16 and that, he believes, is when Moore, who was in a relationship with a girl, began to take a sexual interest in him.

"I grew up with him - we both went to primary school at St Joseph's CBS and had mutual friends."

Moore, he said, began secretly messaging him, which led to flirting and then a first sexual encounter on a secluded beach location at Dungarvan Bay.

"As time went on, people were starting to catch on," Luke recalled. "Before I knew it, it was all over town, which didn't go down well with Jason."

On December 18, 2016, Luke received a request from a social media account through which Moore told him they needed to talk and asked him to meet at Dungarvan Bay.

Moore had consumed a naggin of vodka and three cans of cider. After a brief conversation Moore turned violent and repeated stabbed Luke with a kitchen knife.

"He stabbed me five times in the torso and I don't know how many times to the head," Luke recalled.

The court heard Luke pleaded with Moore to stop, as his assailant screamed: "This is all your fault, you shouldn't have told people and now you have to pay."