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Bad vibrations Sligo DJ fined €500 for assault after sex toy thrown in beer garden

Sligo District Court heard the injured party, Eric Desmond, suffered a broken nose and busted lip after he went to confront DJ Ewing over throwing the dildo at him


DJ Keith Ewing threw the dildo that hit a man

DJ Keith Ewing threw the dildo that hit a man

DJ Keith Ewing threw the dildo that hit a man

This is the Sligo DJ who broke a man's nose after the victim confronted him about a dildo being thrown at his head in a beer garden.

Keith Ewing (25) from Shannon Eighter, Bundoran Road, Sligo, was convicted of assault causing harm over the incident at the Brewery Bar which was sparked off when the sex toy was thrown twice at different groups.

Judge Kevin Kilrane commented that "the dildo was being thrown about the place for great fun and games" on the night in question.

Sligo District Court heard the injured party, Eric Desmond, suffered a broken nose and busted lip after he went to confront Ewing over throwing the dildo at him.

The two men were in separate groups in the beer garden of the pub on April 17, 2018, when the incident occurred.


DJ Keith Ewing

DJ Keith Ewing

DJ Keith Ewing

Mr Desmond told gardaí he was struck by a "plastic object" and had drink thrown in his face and was punched by Ewing when he went to confront him.

The Sligo Champion reported that during cross examination the solicitor for Ewing put it to Mr Desmond that a sex toy was being thrown around before he was punched.

"There was a dildo being thrown. Can you tell me who had this dildo? Was it you or other friends who had it?"

Mr Desmond said it could have been one of his friends who had the dildo initially.

Mr McGovern put it to Mr Desmond that the dildo was thrown from his group towards Ewing who threw it back.

Mr Desmond replied: "It was nothing to do with what happened to me. It wasn't thrown at anyone."

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He added that it was "thrown aimlessly".

Ewing threw back the dildo and it struck Mr Desmond who said he went over to Ewing to ask him why it happened.

Mr Desmond said drink was thrown at him as he approached Ewing who then punched him while his hands were by his side.

In his statement to gardaí, referring to the dildo, Ewing said: "I threw it back, I hit a fella with the dildo and he didn't seem to take it well. I saw him crush a can and came over to me. I was afraid when he came towards me. I hit him. I regret it."

A pal of Mr Desmond, Sean Redmond, said in evidence that a couple of people were throwing around the dildo "just messing and having a laugh".

Another witness, Calum Finnegan, said someone threw the dildo down the smoking area and "someone got a bit annoyed".

He said this man was "going to start" on one of his group but one of the defendant's friends stopped him.

He said Mr Desmond was then hit in the face by the dildo and had a pint poured over him before he was punched by "three or four" people from Ewing's group.

Another witness, Naomi McFadden, gave evidence that there were "a load of people in the smoking area throwing a dildo".

She said that a person from Ewing's group got up to confront Mr Desmond's group but someone stopped them then Ewing threw a drink at Mr Desmond and punched him. She could not remember other people punching Mr Desmond.

Ewing told the court that he threw the dildo in the direction he thought it came from and four or five people came running towards him and he hit out.

Judge Kevin Kilrane said there were various different versions of events as to what happened.

He said while Mr Desmond was foolish to confront Ewing over the incident the defendant's reaction was completely unnecessary and over the top.

He convicted Ewing of assault causing harm and fined him €500.

Ewing is a well-known DJ in Sligo and part of a house and techno duo who had residencies in Sligo clubs before lockdown.

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