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loved up Singer JP Saxe says he moved in with Julia Michaels after whirlwind romance because of lockdown

The song has had more than one billion streams, but their real-life love story is the stuff of fairytales.


JP Saxe reveals and Julia Michaels

JP Saxe reveals and Julia Michaels

JP Saxe reveals and Julia Michaels

Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe reveals that he's still all loved up with girlfriend and fellow artist Julia Michaels after spending the last two years together in lockdown.

Saxe, who met American-born Michaels from Iowa when they linked up on a songwriting session and wrote their Grammy nominated smash hit, If The World Was Ending.

The song has had more than one billion streams, but their real-life love story is the stuff of fairytales.

"We now live together. We are about to have our two-year anniversary. Nothing went critically wrong," JP says of their whirlwind affair.

Toronto-born Saxe, who has just released his debut album, Dangerous Levels Of Introspection, tells Shuffle that the happy pair support each other in their solo careers.

"I think insecurity and competitiveness are bad ingredients in any relationship, whether you are an artist or not, but I think when you are in the arts they become even more dangerous," JP says in our exclusive Zoom chat.

"If I was insecure or competitive, me and Julia Michaels would not work. So, I'm very grateful to have a partner that I admire to the end of the f**kin' world. I think she is absolutely brilliant, and there is nothing more encouraging to me in my life than having her respect.

"We just want to see each other win. I don't think either of us is made insecure or threatened by the other. We just want to win and we want to win together. We want each other to win on our own. We have this shared love for songs.


JP Saxe and Julia Michaels

JP Saxe and Julia Michaels

JP Saxe and Julia Michaels

"I always laugh at the fact that I used to say I would never date another songwriter…and I dated the best songwriter on the planet.

"But it's nice to have that shared language, it's nice to have just one more way that we get to connect with each other."

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JP lost his beloved mother to cancer 18 months ago, and she inspires the final song, Sing Myself To Sleep, on his new album.

"It was important to me that there was a song about her on the album," he tells me.

"It (Sing Myself To Sleep) was the hardest one to write because I didn't want to misrepresent my feelings about it, it would have felt disrespectful.

"But it's the song I'm most grateful exists because I don't always want to connect to that grief, but I also don't want to keep ignoring the grief because it would be ignoring her.

"That song brings me to the part of the pain that feels beautiful. I think that that is ultimately one of the responsibilities of being an artist, which is to take not just the beautiful parts of our lives, but also the painful parts and turn them into something beautiful."

Asked why he writes songs, JP pauses before telling me: "It was the first place I was ever okay with myself. I was a really insecure teenager.

"I didn't know what I had to be confident about. I was insecure about the way I looked. I was insecure about the way I talked. I was insecure about who I was.

"And it wasn't until I was able to put something I felt into a song that all of that vulnerability, all of that insecurity, all of that fear and all of that emotion felt like something good.

"It's funny, when I was in High School the three things I was bullied for were that I was too sensitive, I was a singer and that I was a ginger.

"Fast forward 10 years and I've built my entire career on being too sensitive, being a singer and being a ginger.

"So songs allowed me to find that. It's often the parts of ourselves that we're made fun of for, the parts of ourselves that feel the scariest, that are the most vulnerable are where we have the most power."

• JP Saxe's album, Dangerous Levels Of Introspection, is out now.

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