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Should I give my husband a belly dance for his birthday?

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Few men would say no to an erotic dance.

Few men would say no to an erotic dance.

Few men would say no to an erotic dance.

Dear Angela: Years ago, my husband (39) and I (37) spent a holiday in Egypt. One evening we visited a show with Arabic music and belly dancing, and we loved it. Later in bed that night my husband made love to me more passionately than ever before.

When I teased him about it, he admitted that the belly dancing performance had turned him on big time, and he said jokingly that I should take up belly dancing to give him a private show now and then.

Back home I forgot all about it, but now my husband's birthday is coming up, and I thought I should maybe go for a belly dancing class and surprise him with a sexy dance at his birthday bash. My only worry is that my husband might be embarrassed if I belly dance in front of his friends.

Answer: If you have any doubt about your husband's reaction, you should test the waters first.

Go through old holiday pictures, bring up the show you enjoyed so much and see how your husband reacts. As an alternative to a surprise performance at your man's birthday party consider a private performance, just for your husband.

Treat him to an Egyptian meal and throw in a belly dance performance for dessert. You can't go wrong with that.


Celeb crushes are perfectly fine.

Celeb crushes are perfectly fine.

Celeb crushes are perfectly fine.


I can’t stop my Robbie fixation

Dear Angela: I (41) am a huge fan of Robbie Williams. When I first met my husband 16 years ago, I still had Robbie's posters all over my room, but when I got engaged I took them down. My husband thought that was the end of my infatuation with Robbie but it wasn't. I still adore him.

When I sleep with my husband I often fantasise about Robbie; pretending I'm with him helps me to get into the mood. Last Sunday I got so carried away that I called out Robbie's name when I climaxed, and now my hubby is convinced that I have a secret lover. I told him that I would never cheat on him but he doesn't believe me.

I can't tell my husband that I'm still fantasising about Robbie Williams, but I don't want him to think I'm cheating either. What should I do?

Answer: You can't let your husband believe that you're cheating on him, so admit that you were fantasising that night about Robbie Williams. Assure your husband that you love and fancy him, and explain that your fantasies are only a harmless way of spicing things up a bit.

By the way, there is a good chance that your husband has secret fantasies as well; most guys and girls fantasise about other people, it's perfectly OK and nothing to be upset about.

What's doggy style?

Query: MY girlfriend (28) is quite demanding in bed, and I (24) am not always sure what she'd like me to do. Recently, she told me she wants to do it doggy style. Does that mean anal sex?

Answer: No, doggy style only refers to the way your bodies are positioned. Basically, your girlfriend is on her hands and knees while you kneel behind her. Most couples have vaginal sex in this position, so go for that.

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Can I show him how?

Query: I (22) never have an orgasm when I sleep with my boyfriend (25). I usually just wait until he's asleep and then I touch myself, but I can't keep doing that. Should I show him how to touch me?

Answer: Yes. Most men are keen to please their partner, and if they don't know how to go about it, then they're eager and willing to learn. So go ahead, tell or show your boyfriend what he should do for you.

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