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Reeling in the Years returns with new episodes for the first time in over a decade


Reeling in the Years is finally set to return tonight after over a decade without any new episodes.

First airing in 1999, the show captures iconic moments in every year since 1963, with the latest season having finished in 2009.

Now, over 10 years later, the producers at RTÉ have wrapped up editing on the last decade (2010-2019), with ten new episodes set to air st arting tonight.

Tonight’s episode, which will come out at 8.30pm on RTÉ One and the RTÉ player, is set to focus on everything important from 2010.

Reeling in the Years producer John O’Regan discussed on the Ryan Tubridy Show last week what viewers should expect from this sixth season.

“The teens - I suppose you call them the difficult years,” he said. “We’ll see what people make of it, but I mean what we tried to do with the programme is to make the same type of programme that we’ve made all along.

“We’re aiming for that blend of Irish and foreign, and upbeat/downbeat music, slow and fast, and blend of news and current affair, and music and sport.”

As for what will be covered: “At the moment we are concentrating on the early years, so top of the list would be Katie Taylor, the London Olympics, the bailout in 2010, the Troika coming in, the referendum on same sex marriage.

“You've got Brexit, Love/Hate on the telly, Mrs Brown's Boys, the MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter, Garth Brooks coming to play Croke Park, or not.”

Music is one of the most important elements of the show, and Mr O’Regan explained that the process of deciding when to plug a certain song is a difficult one.

“You always want to foreground the Irish soundtracks, and you always want to bring in as many pop chart hits as you can,” he said.

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Mr O’Regan said he has 15 hardbacks in his homes with hand-written notes detailing each and every important moment in the decade, making it easier for him to put the whole picture together.

One of the decisions already made as a result of this process has been to play Taylor Swift’s hit 2012 single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together over clips of the Mahon tribunal, which investigated allegations of corrupt payments to politicians regarding political decisions.

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