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Saoradh target London Political wing of New IRA is plastering propaganda in heart of Canary Wharf


Devastation after the IRA bomb in 1996

Devastation after the IRA bomb in 1996

Republican messages with Canary Wharf in the background

Republican messages with Canary Wharf in the background


Devastation after the IRA bomb in 1996

The political wing of the New IRA has launched a recruiting and propaganda campaign in the heart of London’s financial district.

Saoradh has been distributing leaflets and pasting posters on the walls on Canary Wharf – devastated in an IRA mob attack in 1996 which left two people dead – calling for support and new members.

The Sunday World has been informed the decision to move their PR campaign to England was sanctioned by the leadership of the NIRA who believe there is potential to boost their ranks with like-minded individuals.

Pictures of the posters with London’s nightline in the background have appeared on social media. However, the Sunday World was contacted by several individuals living in England disgusted by the poster campaign.

One member of the Irish community said the New IRA had no place in London and alerted police to the locations of some of the posters for removal.

“I came here to start a life away from all that sh*te in Northern Ireland, I have worked hard and have brought a young family up here away from all that was and is sadly going on back home, I was disgusted and perturbed when I seen the posters when I was walking home,” Stephen, a financial officer, told Sunday World.

“I contacted the police straight away to have them removed. I know who Saoradh are, they are the mouthpiece of the New IRA but many people here don’t.

“All it takes is one nutter to fall into their murderous ideologies, be lured into their way of thinking and then we have another extremist in our midsts.

“London has suffered enough, the whole of the UK and Ireland has suffered enough, they have no place anywhere in society in any community,” Stephen, who did not want his surname printed, said.

The father of three says the locations chosen for their propaganda campaign struck a chord and brought back traumatising memories of the Provisional IRA’s bomb in Canary Wharf in 1996 which caused the death of two civilians.

“I think they chose their locations in the financial district on purpose, a reminder maybe of what the IRA are capable of but they are not he IRA and times have changed, people have changed. And they are not republicans fighting for a cause like the IRA were, a cause I never agreed with but could at least understand.

“I keep on top of what is happening at home, I know who these people are. They are criminals, killers, trying to pretend to be something they are not.

“Loyal soldiers of Ireland, Jesus Christ it would make you laugh if they weren’t capable of killing and they have done that, there are grieving families out there who can testify to that.

“One thing I’m sure of is that everyone I have spoken to about this thinks they have made a mistake – people won’t be queuing around the block to join up or show any support.

“Whoever made the decision to launch a campaign here is a fool, do they not think people have enough on their minds, the pandemic, Brexit, to waste time on their delusions,” he added.

Ulster Unionist Doug Beattie said he was disgusted by the latest actions of the New IRA’s politicial wing.

“It is a disgrace and very insensitive to put these posters up in an area like Canary Wharf especially considering it had its heart blown out of it by the Provisional IRA,” the MLA told Sunday World last night.

“They (NIRA) are trying to expand themselves in London by targeting the Irish community and there is a large Irish community there who they are trying to tap into to boost their ranks and that is a deep concern.”

“I would plead to anyone who has certain political beliefs not to be sold by these posters. This violent, blood oath organisation has caused nothing but misery to Northern Ireland but to the rest of the UK.

“It is important to remember who they are, what they are, they are deluded, seriously deluded. People need to know that and there no place for the likes of the New IRA in our society. The deserve no support,” he said.

In a statement, Saoradh confirmed the posters had been erected.

“Republican activists in London have been busy pasting posters around the east of the city, close to the financial district.

“The posters encourage people to join the revolution by joining Saoradh, they also highlight a range of ongoing campaigns that Saoradh are currently involved in. These include Soaradh’s constant anti-fascist stance and highlighting sectarian and political policing by British Crown Forces in Ireland,” the statement read.

The Sunday World contacted the Mayor of London but at the time of going to print there was no response.


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