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U 'DEE' TARGET UDA offer up £500k kill reward for dealer David 'Dee' Jenkins as gang fear he's talking to cops

The UDA have become so paranoid that the 41-year-old is busy grassing them up to the authorities, including the Paramilitary Crime task Force (PCTF), the terror group has held top-level meetings about kidnapping a member of his family


David ‘Dee’ Jenkins in hiding this week

David ‘Dee’ Jenkins in hiding this week

David ‘Dee’ Jenkins in hiding this week

UDA crime bosses in west Belfast have issued a UK-wide 'Fatwa' on former dealer David 'Dee' Jenkins and are prepared to pay £500,000 for his head.

And we can reveal they are so desperate to get their man they have offered exiled UDA men - forced to flee to Britain alongside Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair in 2003 - a free pass home if they can kill Jenkins, though that offer doesn't extend to Adair himself.

They'll even fork out £30,000 if anyone has any information on his whereabouts and have reached out to exiled UVF men like David 'Dee' Madine and those with connections in far-right groups.

We can reveal senior figures on the Shankill, including notorious killer 'Mo' Courtney and reported 'C' Company boss Dennis Cunningham, are convinced Jenkins has turned tout and could now rout the whole of West Belfast UDA.

The UDA have become so paranoid that the 41-year-old is busy grassing them up to the authorities, including the Paramilitary Crime task Force (PCTF), the terror group has held top-level meetings about kidnapping a member of his family.


Denis Cunningham, left, with Mo Courtney

Denis Cunningham, left, with Mo Courtney

Denis Cunningham, left, with Mo Courtney

Concerns were raised at a recent commanders meeting of A, B and C Companies with an agreement that Jenkins needs to be "dealt with".

At that meeting the paranoid paramilitaries said they have even been watching houses linked to Jenkins - in case he gets homesick and travels back to Belfast.

Last night a defiant Jenkins told the Sunday World: "They are all full of sh*te. I'd never talk to the peelers, never have. I haven't been in contact with the PCTF since the last time they done the house.

"I've no interest in the peelers - at the minute - but there's always a back-up plan, 'Plan B', and 'Plan B' is all the information I have on the phone and if they want to f*** about and threaten me I'll give the peelers as much sh*te as they want."

He also revealed he only ever dealt with the three 'C' Company brigadiers at the very top and did so on a daily basis - and says he has voice messages, text messages and more evidence should he require to use it.

He added he wasn't afraid of the UDA and warned he would target their families if they did anything to his.

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Jenkins was the terror group's cocaine kingpin and told the Sunday World he had been raking in £500,000 a month from selling drugs on an industrial scale.

Jenkins ran an online drugs network under the name 'Mr P' but fled Northern Ireland in March after being told the loyalist crime gang planned to kill him.

They have since blamed him on a missing £10k cache of pure cocaine which disappeared from the Shankill days after he fled the country.

But we can reveal Jenkins' Mr P business is back up and running, however paranoid Shankill bosses decided to move it out of west Belfast for safety.

We understand the wholesale cocaine business is being run by west Belfast's 'D' Company from a secret address in Newtownards in a bid to keep the PCTF from catching them.

The UDA initially believed Jenkins had remained in Northern Ireland but are now convinced he is living in England and fear he has been given immunity in return for ratting out his former crime gang.


David 'Dee' Jenkins

David 'Dee' Jenkins

David 'Dee' Jenkins

"They are totally convinced Jenkins has got himself immunity from prosecution by giving information to the police about their drugs operation," said a source.

"They are contacting all loyalists and those with connections in groups like the EDL and the National Front and trying to entice them to sort Jenkins out or pass the information to them.

"I've never seen them so desperate. Jenkins ran the Mr P site and it was an all-Ireland operation, so he has a lot of sh*t on them all.

"And because they tried to kill him but failed, they fear he will take revenge by putting them all behind bars and they know he has the power to do that.

"Jenkins was two seconds away from getting shot dead only the back-up gunman wired him off and saved his life.

"Now that Jenkins knows they were going to double-cross and kill him after all that he done for them they are in a complete panic as they think his motive for vengeance is what turned him towards being a confidential informant for the police.

"They believe he has signed a deal to get witness protection and he'll be provided with an alias and a job as part of his resettlement package."

And as a warning to any-one else who feels like speaking out in the papers about their drug dealing, they have offered a very deliberate amount of money for Jenkins murder.

"They want him dead so bad they have offered £500,000 for his head because that's the amount he told the Sunday World he was making for them in selling drugs every month."

And in a stunning twist which displays just how desperate they are, they are offering exiled loyalists a free pass back to Ulster.


Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair

Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair

Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair

Those who have been offered a free ticket home include the Millar brothers Herbie and Sham, and the notorious Oscar twins who were key associates of Johnny Adair in the lower Shankill 20 years ago.

They have even put it out to former west Belfast boss and former Adair right-hand man 'Fat' Jackie Thompson.

Members of the UDA's 'C' Company relocated to Bolton after they were put out of the lower Shankill during a rout by the mainstream UDA leadership in 2003.

The UDA moved against 'C' Company following the murder of brigadier John 'Grugg' Gregg after he returned home from a Rangers match.

They have also made contact with other Shankill loyalists including exiled UVF veteran David 'Dee' Madine who was released four years ago from an 11-year stretch for attempting to murder UVF boss Harry Stockman in 2011.

Madine, believed to be in the north-west of England, fled Ulster after almost stabbing the UVF leader to death because the UVF immediately issued a standing kill order on him.

They also put it out to another exiled loyalist and one of the founding members of the EDL - Belfast loyalist Leon McCreery.

He's the son of convicted UDA thug Leonard McCreery. Leon fled Belfast 20 years ago with his family after he was slashed in the face during an attack by rival loyalists.

McCreery needed 63 stitches and 17 staples for his injuries.

In 2004 he was awarded £25,000 in compensation for the attempted murder bid which came as a result of his father stabbing UDA boss Geordie Legge. His dad Leonard served 11 years in jail.

"The UDA are reaching out to anyone from Belfast or who are ex-paramilitaries and have relocated to the mainland and also the UDA supporters they have over there," said a source.

"Though funnily enough they have not made the same offer to Johnny Adair or his ally Gary 'Smickers' Smith.

"But the UDA know Jenkins has serious intel about them and how they received their money. They believe he has to be working for the cops because he publicly admitted to drug dealing in the Sunday World and to do so would be prison suicide unless he had immunity."

Last night Jenkins told this paper he was no tout but warned he could go that way if the UDA didn't back off.

Dee Jenkins told us: "If they wanna know where I am they know which phone number to contact me on.

"I'll meet them all face-to-face, eye-to-eye and if they have a f***ing problem they can turn round and say it. I'm not scared of any of them.


‘Mr P’s’ drug network

‘Mr P’s’ drug network

‘Mr P’s’ drug network

"At the end of the day the top men who sat at that table at that meeting who made that decision to come and get me wherever I am, they have families and, like I say, I've never needed the UDA to do my dirty work but let the UDA know I still have people in Belfast who will do my dirty work and they still have families there too.

"So if your man on Agnes Street wants to call the shots because at the end of the day he's overall commander of 'C' Company, I'll put [him] in an early grave.

"So that old bastard doesn't want my sh*te on his doorstep and I don't want his sh*te on my doorstep.

"They all have families. They wanna keep giving me sh*t and give my family sh*t I'll give the peelers more sh*t on them than they'd ever want.

"I'm not stupid, I'm not just talking about the text messages and the voice messages and not just from one person at the top table [of the UDA] but I've got commanders' messages and everything."

Jenkins even claimed the police would have no need for him because they already had senior touts within 'C' Company.

"I don't need to tout, there are bigger touts in 'C' Company than me, that's why the peelers haven't come anywhere near me. I was able to leave the country without one word from the peelers.

"I was sitting at the top table with the three brigadiers - that's all I talked to, that's all I done business with on a daily basis. I saw one brigadier 20 times a day, money drops, I know more than they want me to know.

"I know more than the commanders - it was always just me and the three brigadiers, nobody else was involved. We were the four at the top table."

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