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Top loyalist’s ex reveals how her gangster lover told her he’s wanted in south over UVF attack on Sinn Féin

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Loyalist drug thug Darren Moore is wanted in the Republic over a UVF hoax bomb attack, the Sunday World has learned.

And we can reveal Moore and Special Branch tout Mark Haddock - currently in jail in England - still head a Garda suspect list.

Former members of the Mount Vernon UVF killer gang they are wanted in connection with a fake loyalist device left outside Sinn Fein offices in Monaghan 25 years ago.

And today we exclusively reveal how - a pillow talk discussions with a former lover - may come back to haunt the one-time UVF bully boy.

In an interview with the Sunday World this week, former fashion model and charity worker Catherine Young claims - that during a torrid 10 month affair with Darren Moore - he regularly spilled the beans on his paramilitary past in a string of kiss ‘n’ tell confessions.

Catherine Young (36) says she met former Irish League goalkeeper Darren Moore when he moved into a block of flats where she lived on the Ballykeel estate in Ballymena.

Despite the fact that Moore was 17 years older, the pair began a sexual relationship and according to Catherine Young, they spent hours in each other’s company every day.

“I met Darren on October 5 last year, when he asked me if I knew a fella he was looking for. The following day, I called up to Darren’s flat. And that’s how it all started.” said Catherine Young.

Originally from Ballyclare in Co. Antrim, 53 year-old Darren moved to north Belfast after signing for Irish League side Crusaders.

And after meeting members of the ruthless Mount Vernon UVF mob in a social club he was sworn into the secretive loyalist terror group.

“Darren told me he joined the UVF because he wanted to stand up for God and Ulster. But he was soon convicted of a UVF attack on a pub in Portadown.” said Catherine.

“We got on well together and we both loved football. In September, I paid for Darren to go to London to see England play Germany. We also planned to go to the World Cup together, but then things fell apart.” she added.

Young maintains that during her time with Darren Moore, he spoke freely about his involvement in several UVF terror attacks, including the hoax bomb incident in Monaghan.

She said: “I found out about Monaghan when I suggested to Darren I’d take him to Skibbereen for a weekend. But he said, ‘If I go across the border, I’ll be arrested.

“I asked him why and he said it was because he and Mark Haddock were still wanted over a UVF bomb attack in Monaghan.” she said.

And Ms. Young added: “If the Garda want to talk to me about it - then so be it.”

Recent Sunday World investigations into the murky underworld of the Mount Vernon UVF have revealed, two Garda Special Branch officers travelled north to interview a retired RUC detective about Darren Moore’s links to the Monaghan incident.

They told the RUC man they believed Moore and Haddock had spearheaded a hoax bomb attack on Sinn Fein premises in Monaghan town centre of March 3 1997.

Reluctant to speak about Troubles-related security matters, the former RUC man said he was bound by the Official Secrets Act.

But the Garda officers assured him, they had travelled north with the full blessing of both the British and Irish Governments.

It later emerged the device left outside Sinn Fein offices in Monaghan contained 2.5 kilos of Powergel explosive packed into a glass sweetie jar and fitted with a live detonator.

The Powergel had been stolen from a quarry in Scotland and delivered to the UVF leadership on Belfast’s Shankill Road.

A skilled UVF explosives expert prepared a live bomb which was packed into a sports holdall. It was then passed to Mount Vernon UVF leader Mark Haddock for transportation to Monaghan.

But unknown to the UVF leadership, Haddock had arranged to meet his handlers in a car park at the Loughshore football pitches on the Shore Road, where he handed over the bomb.

And at the request of the RUC Special Branch, British Army explosive experts neutralised the Powergel by injecting it with silicon liquid, rendering it useless.

It was then returned to Mark Haddock and with Darren Moore at the wheel of a stolen car, the UVF men transported in to Monaghan on March 2 1997.

Although well aware the bomb would never go off, Haddock instructed Moore to leave the sports bag under an archway near the Dublin Street office of Sinn Fein TD Caoimhghin O Caolain. At 9.00am the following morning, the detonator exploded. The loud bang spread panic around the border town which had suffered greatly in a previous UVF bomb attack.

A man living in a nearby flat reported seeing a grey substance seeping from the bag after the bang.

Irish Army explosive experts from Aiken Barracks in Dundalk later removed the holdall for examination.

“Darren told me all about the Monaghan trip.” said Catherine Young, but he said he hadn’t a clue Haddock was a tout.

“And he also told me he once loved Mark Haddock like a brother. And he firmly believed both of them had joined the UVF to stand up for God and Ulster.

“But he said he was devastated when he discovered Mark Haddock was a Special Branch tout.” said Young.

It is believed the renewed Garda interest in the Monaghan hoax bomb case may be connected to an Irish Government initiative aimed at sending out a strong message to loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland.

Two men - including prominent loyalist leader Winston ‘Winkie’ Irvine, are currently facing charges connected to a hoax bomb incident in north Belfast last March.

Irish Foreign Affairs minister Simon Coveney was addressing a peace-building event to celebrate the lives of John and Pat Hume, when he was interrupted and ushered out.

It emerged a hoax explosive advice had been placed inside a hijacked van left outside the Houben Centre on the Crumlin Road.

Catherine Young the lover of high profile loyalist Darren Moore speaks exclusively to the Sunday World about his pillow talk

“If Gardai extradite a UVF suspect in connection with a hoax bomb incident 25 years ago, then it would be seen as the Irish Government telling the terrorists ‘we know who you are’.” said one observer.

Currently serving a jail sentence in England, Mark Haddock once headed the notorious Mount Vernon UVF murder mob, based in the staunchly loyalist housing estate in north Belfast.

In 2014, he was jailed for 12 years for the attempted murder of former UVF man and Special Branch agent Terry Fairfield.

Haddock’s activities were the subject of a major Police Ombudsman Report which concluded he was a major RUC Special Branch source who was allowed to murder while still in the pay of the police.

Insiders say Haddock was also working for British Military Intelligence.

But Darren Moore was booted out the terror group, after falling foul of loyalist paramilitary Godfathers.

And on two separate occasions, he was beaten within an inch of his life by UVF thugs.

Moore is also suspected of involvement in a gun attack on his old friend Mark Haddock at an Orange Hall near Carrickfergus. Haddock named him in statement to police, then withdrew it.

Now a low-level drugs dealer and drugs user based in Ballymena’s Ballykeel estate, these days Moore spends his time, begging, stealing and borrowing money to buy crack cocaine and heroin.

This week the Sunday World called at Darren Moore’s flat on the Crebilly Road in Ballymena. He failed to answer the door.

Moore also declined to respond to two electronic messages asking him to call us to discuss the Monaghan hoax bomb attack.

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