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magic touch Miracle man Danny Gallagher comes out of retirement to help baby Maia, family claims

Family claims the healer's 'magic' hands helped tot with four holes in her heart


Maia Mhandu playing at home this week

Maia Mhandu playing at home this week

Maia Mhandu playing at home this week

World-famous faith healer Danny Gallagher came out of retirement to help a Belfast surgeon whose daughter had four holes in her heart.

The Maghera miracle man had put his ‘magic’ hands out to pasture last year when he contracted cancer and he had suffered heartache when his wife passed away suddenly last February.

He still gets inundated with requests for help but he has to refuse because he says he’s simply not fit enough anymore.

But when baby Maia Mhandu came calling last autumn, Danny just couldn’t turn her away.

“Maia was born with four holes in her heart including a massive hole between the big chambers,” explains mum Emma.

“It was a total shock and I was completely devastated as it hadn’t shown up in any of the prenatal scans and we had had no such issues with our first daughter Nina who’s three years old now.

“She was born in a planned Caesarean section in Antrim Area Hospital last September but she was seen by several heart doctors who said the holes would not close on their own.


HEALING HANDS: Danny Gallagher

HEALING HANDS: Danny Gallagher

HEALING HANDS: Danny Gallagher

“We were told she could suffer heart failure at any moment and to prepare for the worst and that the best scenario would be she would need major open-heart surgery in the specialist unit in Dublin and most likely lots of medication.

“She couldn’t breathe properly and when we got her home she couldn’t cry – she kind of squeaked instead. We used to take it in turns at night to watch her sleep because we were so scared she would died from heart failure at any moment.

“It really was very traumatic. She had so many appointments, check-ups and scans on her heart and I really blocked it all out because I was still in shock.”

Emma’s husband Peter is a highly-respected doctor at the Royal Victoria Hospital but asked not to be identified fully in the story as his department are currently not allowed to speak to the press.

But it was Peter who tracked down Danny Gallagher on the internet and suggested they give him a try.

The Antrim couple have stressed they obviously have total respect for the doctors in the Royal but they were prepared to try anything to try and save their daughter from death or years of risky surgery and drugs.

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“Like I said I was in a state of shock and when Peter suggested we try Danny I was pretty sceptical and just went along with it,” says Emma.

“When you are facing something like that you will try anything. Initially when we contacted Danny he told us he was retired and couldn’t help but he came back to us after he changed his mind – and thank God he did.

“I don’t how it worked – but it did work. Danny saw Maia three times over a period of two weeks. He was honest with us and warned us it doesn’t always work, he was so humble.

“We visited him and he did the blessing always after sunset but even after the first visit we saw big improvements in Maia.

“She started feeding better, putting on weight and getting stronger, she just had more energy and she just kept improving.”

But the best news of all came when the couple, who married five years ago, took Maia to her six-month scan review.

“At the review the doctors were shocked because the large hole in her heart had closed over and the smaller ones had almost closed too,” says Emma.

“The only thing I can call it is a miracle. I have no idea how it happened or why it happened but it happened.

“We are just so grateful to Danny for taking the time with Maia. Maia no longer needs surgery and she hasn’t had to take any medication.

“The only medication she’s ever had to take was when she caught a cold from her sister and she took some paracetamol!

“It’s impossible to put into words just what a massive relief it is to know your daughter will live a normal life and won’t need open-heart surgery.

“As you can see she’s thriving. She’s got a great personality and she’s even able to feed herself – she’s just getting stronger and stronger. The truth is no matter what anyone else believes – and I was very sceptical myself – I honestly don’t believe Maia would have made it to this position without Danny’s help.

“Every scan up until Danny was the same – the holes were not going to close by themselves.

“We were so lucky to find Danny and I believe it must be a God-given gift Danny has.

“It’s just fantastic to see Maia playing with her big sister, we are so happy now.”

The Sunday World has covered Danny’s remarkable career as a faith healer and spoken to dozens of people who say Danny had been able to cure them of minor illnesses which had confounded doctors.

Last year Danny revealed he had needed a nine-hour operation to save his own life when a cancerous tumour was discovered attached to his stomach and kidneys.

That came shortly after his beloved wife Nora passed away suddenly from pneumonia.

Last night he reiterated he was still in retirement and had only made a special exception for baby Maia.

“They are a lovely family and I felt I had to try something for Maia,” said Danny.

“Peter explained to me Maia had a serious heart problem. I thought about it – I was successful in the past with a hole in the heart child in Wicklow.

“I felt I must see this little girl or she will die.

“It was the spur-of-a-moment decision, a one-off.

“There was no fee or money gain for me and it was my decision to try my best to try and save this little girl’s life.”

“But I am still retired, I’m not well enough to have the energy to do it anymore, I’m afraid.”


DELIGHT: Emma Mhandu with her daughters Maia and Nina this week

DELIGHT: Emma Mhandu with her daughters Maia and Nina this week

DELIGHT: Emma Mhandu with her daughters Maia and Nina this week

Danny is the seventh son of a seventh son and according to Celtic lore he therefore possesses the power to heal people simply by touching them.

A number of people have given testimonies about making miraculous recoveries from the most serious of illnesses after being touched by Danny.

Even doctors have recommended patients to see Danny. Forty years ago Danny was said to have cured a young crippled girl – the story became world famous and it changed Danny’s life forever.

Danny, who lives in Maghera, Co Derry, told the Sunday World he just loves healing people.

Danny never charged the people he healed but in return he asked for a token donation to cover travel costs.

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