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Irish faith healer who ‘cured thousands’ reveals in book how he almost died as a child

Danny Gallagher says hospital was his “second home” for about seven years of his childhood and even had the last rites from a priest

Danny Gallagher, faith healer

Maddeleana Merrigan is the Author of Born to Heal, a new book on Danny Gallagher, the man who is believed to have cured thousands of people over four decades.

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A world famous local faith healer, who claims to have helped thousands of people, has revealed he was constantly ill as a child and almost died.

Danny Gallagher says hospital was his “second home” for about seven years of his childhood and even had the last rites from a priest.

In a new book about his incredible life, Danny reveals how he has healed people all over the world including the US, Canada as well as the UK and Ireland.

Born To Heal charts Danny’s childhood, his early days as an ice-cream man in his home town of Maghera to reluctantly dedicating his life to ‘healing’.

In the book, which is dedicated to Danny’s late wife Nora, he reveals he was a sickly child who almost passed away from one illness.

Maddeleana Merrigan is the Author of Born to Heal, a new book on Danny Gallagher, the man who is believed to have cured thousands of people over four decades.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Danny reveals: “I was sick all the time from the age of about five to the age of 13. I was never out of hospital, particularly the Mid-Ulster in Magherafelt. It was my second home but I also ended up in the Royal (Victoria Hospital) too.

“One particular illness which was bad was pneumonia and then pleurisy which was very serious. I ended up having more operations than I care to remember.

“I had to get skin grafts from my leg to cover my wounds from operations. I still have the scars today from the grafts taken from my two legs. Doctors told my mother I would not survive. My mother brought me home because she wanted me to pass away at home and not in hospital.

In the book he remembers coming close to death.

“I was very ill as a young boy,” Danny says in the book. “I remember the priest by my bedside and my mother telling me not to worry, that the angels would come through the ceiling and take me with them.”

Danny is the seventh son of a seventh son and according to Celtic lore he therefore possesses the power to heal people simply by touching them.

His incredible power is backed by testimonies of people who have made miraculous recoveries from the most serious of illnesses after being touched by Danny.

Even doctors have recommended patients to see Danny. Forty years ago Danny cured a young crippled girl – the story became world famous and it changed Danny’s life for ever.

Danny, who lives in Maghera, Co Derry, told the Sunday World he just loves healing people. Danny never charges the people he heals but in return he asked for a token donation to cover travel costs.

His healing powers have featured in this newspaper many times.

We pass no judgment, rather we just tell the stories of those who say Danny has helped them and their loved ones.

It soon becomes very clear these people – many who have tried all other avenues of help and have turned to Danny in desperation – firmly believe it was his ‘magic’ hands that have done the business.

Danny’s exploits have seen a number of documentaries made about him including one on the History Channel entitled Miracles Uncovered which has been viewed all over the world.

It was one of these remarkable stories that first appeared in the Sunday World just last year that attracted the attention of author Maddeleana Merrigan.

It was the story of little Co Antrim baby Maia Mhandu who was born with four holes in her heart.

Her desperate parents, one of who is a leading surgical doctor at the Royal Victoria Hospital, approached Danny as a last resort.

Doctors treating Maia told her parents when she was born she could suffer heart failure and die at any moment and she’d at the very best need several invasive operations and strong medication to save her life.

When Maia’s parents became so afraid to sleep in case Maia didn’t wake up, they took drastic action and sought the help of Danny.

And after a few visits the holes in her heart – including a massive one in her small chamber – closed over and scans at her six-month review proved it.

Her mum Emma told the Sunday World last December: “We remain forever grateful to Danny. He was very honest with us from the start. He told us there was no guarantee and he was insistent that we keep up all our hospital appointments.

“He wasn’t promising anything and definitely wasn’t saying we should ignore the advice of the hospital, quite the opposite.

“It was fantastic being able to celebrate her first birthday in September. There were moments when we feared she would ever get to celebrate that.”

Author Maddeleana says when she read the story she was fascinated to find out more.

“I was amazed by the story of little Maia and decided I wanted to meet Danny,” Maddeleana told the Sunday World.

“When I was first introduced to Danny I was cautious and sceptical. I assumed this man was out to make easy money.

“From the moment I witnessed him heal, I was transformed. An energy radiates from Danny, unlike any I had encountered.”

She spoke to many of the people who claim to have been healed by Danny in researching her book.

“I spoke to many people who claim he cured them of illness or helped their lives for the better. It has been a privilege to get to know Danny. Our journey in making this book was not an easy one. We argued, we laughed and we became friends.”

Forty-five years ago Danny cured a young crippled girl. The story became world famous and it changed Danny’s life forever.

In 2002 the Sunday World revealed how Danny helped a 56-year-old woman from Fintona walk again.

Another of his most famous cases is that of a set of twins – Laura and Karen Friel from Westport, Co Mayo who were born blind 30 years ago.

In the book Danny reveals how he was a reluctant healer and how he still has no idea how it works.

“As a small boy my mother kept telling me I would be a healer one day,” he says.

“I was reluctant to become a healer, I knew it would take over my life and change everything for me and my family.

“I honestly don’t know what the healing is, how it works, and why it works for me. Nor do I understand why it is linked to being the seventh son of a seventh son. It is a mystery to me. I just accept it.”

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