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private firms Former NI soldiers offered £1,000 per day to go and fight in Ukraine

One former soldier told us 'you need to be doing this for the right reasons, not for the money'


(Steve Parsons/PA)

(Steve Parsons/PA)

(Steve Parsons/PA)

Former soldiers in Northern Ireland are being offered between £750 and £1,000 per day to join a private military company in Ukraine, the Sunday World has learned.

A well-placed security source and former soldier showed us correspondence where money is being offered to fight.

"The money will obviously be very appealing to some former soldiers, but you have to be doing this for the right reasons, not for the money," he said.

"The Ukrainians are holding up very well in the face of the Russian attack. I'm in contact with people who are over there now, and what I'm hearing is that the missiles supplied by the West - some of which are actually made in Belfast - are cutting through Russian tanks like butter."

Speaking of those who are contemplating travelling to Ukraine to fight, he added: "From what I know, the former soldiers who are going over there are trying to get together complete squadrons, so they're not taking on anyone who isn't trained.

"While their heart is in the right place, some young lad who's quitting his job in KFC to come and fight in a war can very quickly become a liability for trained soldiers. They could end up putting their own lives at risk trying to look after an untrained fighter."

Speaking of Ukraine's chances against Putin's maniacal invasion, the former crack soldier added: "It's significantly harder to attack than it is to defend, and we're already hearing stories of Russian troops simply giving up or abandoning perfectly good tanks.

"The general rule of thumb is that for every defender, you need four attackers in order to succeed. With the poor morale among Russian troops and the ferocity of the Ukrainian defence, I would maybe say that you'd need five Russian attackers for every Ukrainian defending their country.

"For decades, it's been a game of cat and mouse between tanks and anti-tank weapons. It seems that the advantage is finally with the defenders in this war, such is the quality of the anti-tank missiles."

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