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hopes raised Family of murdered Carrick man Glenn Quinn have vowed to step up their fight for justice


Glenn Quinn was brutally murdered

Glenn Quinn was brutally murdered

Glenn Quinn was brutally murdered

The family of murdered Carrick man Glenn Quinn have vowed to step up their fight for justice.

Hopes of progress in the case have been raised in recent weeks as specialist PSNI forensic teams returned to Glenn's flat.

Boiler-suited officers were at the murder scene again this week and according to witnesses were concentrating on an area outside the apartment block.

The flat has been secured as a crime scene since his brutal murder in January last year but this week it was declared no longer a crime scene and the keys have been returned to the Housing Executive.

It was the third such visit by forensic teams in recent weeks.

It is understood the flat and its contents had been treated to chemically preserve any DNA evidence that may still be there.

A number of evidence bags were taken away.

This week Glenn's brother Martin said they would not stop until justice was served.


Martin Quinn leaves flowers at the scene of his brother Glenn’s murder in January 2020

Martin Quinn leaves flowers at the scene of his brother Glenn’s murder in January 2020

Martin Quinn leaves flowers at the scene of his brother Glenn’s murder in January 2020

"Our campaign for justice for Glenn - a disabled, terminally ill, innocent man murdered by junkie vermin - will not stop," he said.

"No intimidation, no threats will deter us."

He said increased police attention on Carrick and pressure on the elements of South East Antrim UDA believed to have been involved will only stop when the killers are behind bars.

"We are only doing right by Glenn - blame the three junkie vermin who murdered him that brought all this unprecedented attention from law enforcement agencies on Carrickfergus.

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"Give us justice for Glenn and we will go away and grieve for him, until then we are never out of the fight."

A number of incidents in the seaside town in recent weeks have brought fresh police attention on the area.

A bomb scare last weekend forced people from their homes for two days and was only a few hundred yards from Quinn murder scene.

Tensions were already high following the beating last month of a 30-year-old dealer who was battered to within an inch of his life, again close to the Quinn murder scene.

The victim, who was hammered with baseball bats and left for dead, was singled out by the Woodburn faction.

The dealer had been working for SEA but was discovered to have been 'doing the double' and had forged links to criminals allied to gun dealer Thomas Morgan on the side.


Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan

The attack was not sanctioned by SEA leadership.

But it has put the mobster firmly in the sights of the SEA leadership, who are stung by revelations that Morgan is taking control of the underworld in SEA's backyard.

The Sunday World understands the leadership of the breakaway terror group has been prompted into action by revelations Morgan is now top dog in Carrick.

Dealers have been warned SEA will not tolerate them working on their patch unless they hand over a slice of the profits to the organisation.

Dealers are allowed to work on SEA territory in return for a slice of the profits but in recent months Morgan has muscled in on the trade, by-passing the UDA.

We understand Morgan is working for a number of criminal gangs with links to dissidents and strands of the LVF in north Belfast.

Under-pressure Brigadier Gary Fisher is said to be furious that drug money is being syphoned off to outside interests.

The elusive Fisher is a Brigadier in name but is demanding action be taken against Morgan.

Where once they were in total control, SEA has now lost its grip on the town's underworld.

SEA leadership is now resolved to taking Morgan on.

"For some reason Gary won't put a hand on him," said our source, "but that's changed now, SEA need to save face and the only way they can do that is take Morgan on."

He said his failure to act to date had undermined Fishe's position as brigadier.

The Sunday World understands a three-man 'committee' of senior UDA figures now effectively control SEA but even they seem reluctant to take action.

The crime gang is under close scrutiny from the Paramilitary Crime Task Force which has seriously curtailed their activities and left their drug operations vulnerable.

"Fisher can't make a decision, he's not allowed to make a decision and they're just keeping him there, partly because no one wants the job and they're waiting until the heat from the Task Force eases.

"They'll let Fisher take the fall before replacing him, they don't see any point in putting someone else in now only for him to be targeted."

But according to sources, there is a resolve to get back to business and try to re-establish their control.

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