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Driller killer Colin Howell ‘furious’ over his portrayal in TV drama about his sick crimes

The truly shocking story was made into a dramatized four-part mini-series The Secret starring local actor James Nesbitt

Colin Howell

Killer Kristoff Alauya

Hazel Stewart

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Banged-up bible-bashing killers Colin Howell and Kristoff Alauya want to walk back into court – but for very different reasons, we can reveal.

Jailhouse sources in Maghaberry Prison have revealed the deadly duo – who have become unlikely prison pals due to their religious beliefs – have deluded plans to get back before a judge.

We can reveal driller killer Howell is furious with a seven-year-old TV dramatization of his heinous crimes while murdering rapist Alauya is convinced he’s going to get an appeal and be exonerated!

Last year we reveal the pair had become a dominant force in the prison amongst the lifers – often taking new inmates under their wing and trying to bring them round to their way of thinking about God.

But they fell out, somewhat hilariously last autumn, over a scratched R Kelly CD which Howell had lent to Alauya.

Now the pair of twisted killers have deluded hopes of getting into a courtroom expecting sympathy – and it’s driving fellow inmates crazy.

“They are driving everyone mad – the inmates, the prison wardens and anyone else forced to listen to their demented ramblings,” said a prison source.

Killer Kristoff Alauya

Nigerian immigrant Alauya is 38-years-old and is serving a minimum 22-year life sentence for the rape and murder of 38-year-old Belfast mum-of-one Grace Moore in 2006.

“He’s telling everyone he didn’t do it and that the police set him up and that he’s going to appeal it and clear his name,” said a jail source.

“Kristoff is completely mad if he thinks he has any hope of getting an appeal. He still hasn’t accepted what he has done.”

Alauya initially denied the charges of murder and rape but after hearing two days of evidence he pleaded guilty however he is telling people in prison he didn’t really want to plead guilty.

At his trial in 2009 it emerged he tried to claim asylum after arriving in Dublin and that while there, had married an Irish woman, become addicted to cocaine, fathered four children by four different women and had attacked and robbed two taxi drivers at gunpoint.

Colin Howell murdered his wife Lesley and his lover Hazel Stewart’s husband, Trevor Buchanan, in May 1991 in what became one of the most infamous crimes to ever take place in Northern Ireland.

Police had treated the double murder as suicide and closed the file until Howell walked into a police station and confessed 18 years later – giving evidence against his former lover and co-conspirator Hazel Stewart in the process.

The truly shocking story was made into a dramatized four-part mini-series starring local actor James Nesbitt, who played the role of sleazy dentist Howell.

The series was brought back into the public domain when it appeared on Netflix last year.

Sources in Maghaberry say Howell only got to lay eyes on the series for the first time recently and apparently he was less than impressed.

“Colin Howell hadn’t seen The Secret when it came out years ago, so he had no idea what it was like,” said a source.

“He got to see it recently for the first time and he’s absolutely furious. He has been talking about taking legal action over the way he was portrayed.

“He doesn’t understand that while the show is based on his story it’s a dramatized TV programme and not everything had to be exactly what happened so he’s wasting his time with any legal case.

Hazel Stewart

“He’s particularly angry that he’s made out to be a complete monster while Hazel Stewart is made out to be some kind of weak-willed woman who was bullied and scared of him.

“Colin Howell is still so arrogant and although he confessed to the murders he believes Hazel Stewart was much more onboard with his plan to kill their spouses than The Secret depicts.”

It’s understood Howell actually got to see The Secret on free-to-air Irish public TV channel TG4.

“He was genuinely horrified by it when he watched it,” said the source. “He really believes it was unfair to him. More likely he was just horrified at seeing his own murders being carried out – it’s bound to have brought back some bad memories.”

Howell, who’s 63, is serving a minimum life sentence of 21 years for the double murder plus another five-and-a-half years for a string of sickening sex attacks on a number of women.

Howell and Alauya had formed an unlikely alliance and used their ‘veteran’ prison status to exert their influence on new prisoners.

“They see themselves as some kind of higher authority in the prison,” said a source. “Howell is known inside as ‘The Prophet’ while Kristoff has earned the nickname ‘Midnight’ for some reason.

Sources told us last year how the pair had become an unlikely jailhouse “power-couple” who seek out and target new inmates at Braid House and bombard with religious teachings.

When Alauya was jailed in 2009 at Belfast Crown Court Mr Justice Weir told him he could find no evidence of remorse on his part for the gruesome killing.

The judge said that he found it “impossible to comprehend” the fact that after raping and killing Ms Moore, he ransacked her home and put personal items into bags to take with him.

Grace Moore was the mother of former Miss Northern Ireland Lori Moore who was just 16-years-old when she tragically discovered her body in November 2006.

During his trial it horrific details emerged showing Grace had been the victim of a savage attack from twisted Alauya, who was then aged 23.

The young mum was stabbed, strangled and raped in her Suffolk home in Belfast by Alauya after she invited him back after meeting him in a city centre night spot.

At the time of the murder Alauya was on the run from the authorities south of the border where he had been due to be sentenced for two violent robberies.

When initially jailed Alauya carried an horrendous attitude with him into the jail – boasting he would kill again when he got out.

But sources told us that in recent years and having hooked up with Colin Howell he has since “seen the light” and having suffered a number of vicious jailhouse assaults, he appears to have turned to God and mellowed.

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