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tiktok stars Co Down family took to TikTok to quell lockdown boredom and ended up with 1m followers

The Simpsons became the no.6 act on the top site


The Simpsons became TikTok stars during lockdown

The Simpsons became TikTok stars during lockdown

The Simpsons became TikTok stars during lockdown

The Simpson family are TikTok sensations - by accident.

The unsuspecting Mayobridge family turned Covid boredom into something amazing, and they have over one million followers on what is now the most popular media platform in the world.

On top of all the fun they are having while entertaining their fans, the siblings are also making a few quid.

Not bad for a couple of schoolgirls and their mum and dad who have turned something negative into lucrative hobby they can all smile about.

Dad Mark Simpson is surprisingly the one who came up with the idea - with wife Ali, daughters Zoe (14), Eva (13) and little Ella (8) all getting swept up in the online antics.


The idea originally came from dad Mark

The idea originally came from dad Mark

The idea originally came from dad Mark

"In March and April we were plunged into this thing called Covid so I was looking for things to keep the girls entertained," he told Sunday World

"The girls did a dance challenge called Blinding Lights, one of those trends that was going about then, and they put it up on Facebook.

"People loved it and were saying get your mum and dad to do it and that was the start of it all," Mark Simpson said.

Encouraged by their daughters they took up the challenge and the rest they say is history.

"I love a challenge but to be fair there was nothing else to do during lockdown. We tried to master the dance for about four hours then went to bed exhausted," Mark said.

"The next morning I was right, let's do this, let's get back out there, and after a half hour we had it nailed.

"It was me who opened the family TikTok account. The girls said to me, 'no you are too old for TikTok' and 'you won't get on TikTok'. I told them to let me have a go and I would get them a ­million followers and I never heard a laugh like it.

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"They said I didn't stand a chance, well look where we are now. We have 1.3 million followers and that's just since April. To be fair I started because I was bored, then the numbers of followers kept going up and up.

"I was like 'Jesus people want to watch us. That's mad." he laughed.

What started as a bit of fun spiralled with the now famous online family being approached by sweet and toy makers to ­promote their goods. While Mark says it's all a bit of a laugh the businessman in him can't help but look to the girls' future.

They have just recently signed up to agent to advise them how to make the most of their success and popularity financially.

"The world is all about influence. Could I see the girls in the future promoting say tops, jeans, sportswear or make-up? Yes. Me on the other hand, No.

"This is an opportunity for them not us. It takes hard work, posting sometimes every hour when they are not in school but it also takes luck too.

"The girls are currently number six I think in Ireland. You just never know where this will go but we have had some laughs doing it,".

Zoe and Eva, who are undoubtedly the stars, with ­little sister Ella making an occasional ­appearance "just to look cute". He said: "What we post is good fun, good family stuff. Dancing, jokes, pranks and games.

"Zoe does the editing, Eva is the actress and Ella sits there and looks pretty. It's harder for her to get involved because she is so young but she does make an appearance every so often.

"I look online for trends and every so often me and Ali have to act out a part which is not easy for us but one of us has to be in every video that is posted because they are all under 16.

"TicTok has very strict guidelines, it is very controlled which is a good thing.

"It is a hobby but it is hard work and it is addictive, yes. But we are all enjoying this as a family together which is really nice because before we never really had something we all enjoyed doing together,".

To catch up with the Simpsons you'll find them at @thesimp5onfamily

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