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What a looser Car salesman busted for filming men and boys using toilet and setting up secret cameras in B&B

Tinsley is due to be sentenced this Wednesday at Antrim Crown Court in what turns out to be his 46th birthday


Andrew Tinsley outside the car dealership.

Andrew Tinsley outside the car dealership.

Andrew Tinsley outside the car dealership.

A sleazy second-hand car salesman and B&B owner who films boys and men using the toilet got a dose of the ‘runs’ when the Sunday World turned the cameras on him.

We ‘flushed’ out toilet pervert Andrew Tinsley on Wednesday at the car dealership he owns in Dromore, Co. Down.

Posing as a potential customer, we waited for the disgraced church elder who pleaded guilty to 18 charges, including having indecent child images and voyeurism.


Second-hand car salesman Andrew Tinsley.

Second-hand car salesman Andrew Tinsley.

Second-hand car salesman Andrew Tinsley.

But the twisted ‘Peeping Tom’ got a bad dose of the ‘runs’ as he legged it when he spotted our photographer as he made a desperate bid to ‘duck’ our questions.

This is the first time he’s been pictured since he was exposed last week for getting his sexual thrills from secretly watching others go to the toilet, Tinsley removed his business Facebook page.

But despite his reputation now being in the toilet and the fact he is also facing a lengthy jail sentence, Tinsley still turned up to sell cars at the Church Road business started by his dad in 1958.

Smartly dressed in a blazer, shirt and tie, he was out of his office like a rat when he thought we were interested in buying one of his vehicles.

But when we asked him about his convictions he spotted our cameraman and turned on his heels and ran straight back into his office and started making calls on his mobile phone.

We called him later on the phone to offer him an opportunity to defend his shameful actions but he responded by saying: “I’m just at my dinner at the moment,” before hanging up.

Last week, it emerged Tinsley, who also runs a B&B, had not only set up a secret camera in one of the guest bedrooms but further investigation showed he had 160 videos of men and boys as young as 11 years old going to the toilet.

Tinsley is due to be sentenced this Wednesday at Antrim Crown Court in what turns out to be his 46th birthday.

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The Coach House B&B.

The Coach House B&B.

The Coach House B&B.

But further revelations about his disgusting behaviour have now emerged as neighbours have weighed in to reveal how Tinsley is a serial ‘Peeping Tom’ who has been torturing them for years.

The pervert was even physically caught red-handed peeping through a window.

One neighbour who lives close to Tinsley told us that in 2015 her husband chased the ‘Peeping Tom’ across a field after he was spotted snooping around their home, with the pervert repeating over and over, “like a robot – ‘I’m sorry, I’m getting therapy, I’m sorry, I’m getting therapy’.”

Tinsley, from the Lurgan Road in Dromore, entered guilty pleas to ten counts of possessing indecent images of children, seven charges of recording a person doing a private act “for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification” and one count of voyeurism, all committed in various dates between July 1, 2018 and January 26, 2019.

Those charges relate to Tinsley using his iPhone to record men and boys using public toilets, holding his phone either above or below the walls of toilet cubicles in Northern Ireland and during a family holiday to Italy.

His offences came to light in January 2019 when he recorded a 14-year-old boy using the toilet at CastleCourt shopping centre in Belfast. The schoolboy spotted the pervert and alerted his dad, who told security staff and they in turn held him until cops arrived.

That initiated an investigation that uncovered the 160 toilet videos, which included 20 of boys as young as 11 or 12 but also that Tinsley had installed a covert spy camera in one of the bedrooms of the Coach House B&B which he runs with his wife.

Although the court heard the guest was not recorded doing anything other than setting a bag on to the bed at the award-winning guesthouse, prosecuting counsel Rosemary Walsh said the fact that Tinsley bought and installed the covert camera “demonstrates an intention on the defendant’s part to commit offences of voyeurism and this does demonstrate a significant degree of planning on his part”.


One of the bedrooms at The Coach House B&B.

One of the bedrooms at The Coach House B&B.

One of the bedrooms at The Coach House B&B.

Arrested, Tinsley conceded he was “highly ashamed of what he had done and deeply regretted it,” denying that he has any sexual interest in children.

The court also heard that before he was caught in CastleCourt, police had previously warned him about similar behaviour in another shopping centre, with Judge Desmond Marrinan suggesting that “most people would thank their lucky stars they’re not being prosecuted but that doesn’t seem to have deflected him”.

Defence counsel Taylor Campbell conceded that Tinsley “accepts that he has difficulty with his longstanding sexual interest in voyeurism”.

Mr Taylor said while he may be a “Peeping Tom”, Tinsley was a “man of good character” whose wife was staying with him in their “viable” marriage.

Since the hearing last week, however, it has transpired that he has been engaging in worrying behaviour, as one neighbour put it, “for years”.

Mandi Lilburn disclosed how she and her husband Reggie were in the throes of house building at the time so were living on-site in a mobile home in late summer 2015 and had just gone to bed when they heard a noise outside.

She told the Sunday World: “I said to him there’s someone outside and he said it’s just a cat or something but a few minutes later there was a noise from under the bedroom window.

“It got louder and louder so he went outside and all I could see was Reggie jumping over the hedge and running after him and he got him, Tinsley. It totally scared the life out of me.

“Apparently he was out walking the dogs but there were no dogs with him and when he brought him onto the site, Andrew just kept apologising saying ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m getting treatment for this, I just wanted to look at your stonework’.

“We had no stonework done at the time.

“I rang Sharon (Tinsley’s wife) and told her that Andrew had been creeping about the mobile... she said ‘I’m so sorry about this, I will get this dealt with’.

“Reggie’s dad was good friends with Andrew’s dad and we were told it was a one-off and left it.

“What he has been doing is wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know what fix he gets but it’s not on and it needs to be stopped.”


Andrew Tinsley at his desk.

Andrew Tinsley at his desk.

Andrew Tinsley at his desk.

Mrs Lilburn reports there have been other incidents at both her home and at neighbours’ homes, while another Hillsborough resident, David McCrossan, reports on his social media profile that he twice caught Tinsley on his property.

“We caught Andrew Tinsley peering through our windows on two separate occasions during last year’s initial lockdown. Our cctv picked him up and he was correctly identified by a family friend.

“He was given a warning at the time and we heard whispers of his other transgressions, but we were told to leave it alone. When I heard that he owned a B&B in Dromore and that this would continue to remain open for business I was appalled, as it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what would have been going on there.

“Sadly, I was proven correct. It is shocking that Mr Tinsley showed no shame.

“All I can hope now is that justice is served for his victims and their families.”

Another neighbour who had a run-in with Tinsley told this paper: “People around here are worried about him, ‘Peeping Tom’ and now taking pictures of people and kids.

“If this isn’t nipped in the bud, he will be doing bigger and bigger things to get his buzz.”

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