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British Freedom Party leader Jayda Fransen ‘hounds’ her followers to pay for her sick dog

Far-right loon hounding followers to pay for sick pug Buster

Jayda Franzen and her dog Buster

Jayda Franzen

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Jayda Fransen’s gone ‘barking mad’ with her latest cash demands after ‘hounding’ her followers to pay for her sick dog’s operation!

Apparently little Buster the pug is very sick and needs lots of tests, CT scans and surgery, none of which are covered by the far-right loon’s pet insurance.

Jayda admits she’s got no family and few friends and can’t fundraise on GoFundMe because they don’t like her either.

So the convicted hate preacher, who moved to Northern Ireland a decade ago to spread her mix of racial hatred and homophobia, has sent beg-for-cash circulars to all her members in the British Freedom Party (BFP).

Complete with big block capitals begging for donations to “Help Buster”, and direct personalised appeals to each named member, Jayda sent photos of her and Buster together to seal the deal.

Initially she posted an email entitled “An Update On Buster” which stated: “After almost 2 weeks in hospital, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have him home. I have been given a VERY strict Medical Plan to keep him stable, until he goes back for the next round of tests.

“As you can see, his little belly has been shaved for the scan and his legs are red and sore from countless IV drips.

“Buster is facing a battle ahead of him. The next procedures will determine the full extent of his illness and what surgical options there are available. As I explained to you before [member’s name removed], Buster is the only one I have had with me every day throughout all of the years of harassment and persecution by the State. He is my family.

“Any ‘normal’ person could raise money for his treatment on GoFundMe, but they BANNED me because they disagree with my politics!

“So I have turned to the incredible network of loyal patriots, animal lovers and BFP members that I have come to know over my years dedicated to this cause to help me find the money to save Buster.

“Buster needs our help, and I am desperate to save him, please help if you can x.”

One disgruntled member told the Sunday World: “She’s now wanting us to pay for her dog’s operation? Is she serious? I think it’s time Jayda thought about getting an actual job!”

But the Buster begging must have been a success because two weeks later she was at it again, giving her followers an update on the poorly pooch and asking for more cash to pay his extensive medical costs.

Jayda Franzen

And Jayda demonstrated how she’s able to show more compassion to her sick dog than she affords to human refugees who she has campaigned should be banned from entering the UK.

“Over the past 11 days, I have had to keep Buster on a very strict diet of medication and food EVERY 4 HOURS at: 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm... so that he doesn’t become critical or fall into a coma.

“I have not had much sleep over the past 11 days but I was just so happy to have him home for a while.

“Buster is going to need specialist treatment and possibly surgery to save his life. He is the only family I have so I must do whatever I can to ensure that he lives through this. This is not a political appeal. I am personally asking if you are able to help little Buster.”

This appeal won’t come as a shock to Sunday World readers who have read about some of Jayda’s long list of ‘Please Donate’ letters.

She’s asked for donations so she could stand in just about every election she could possibly have stood in over the last 10 years.

But she has also attempted to bleed her followers dry by flogging completely worthless mask and vaccine exemption cards during the pandemic.

In 2020 she had the cheek to ask her members for £6,000 so she could buy new recording equipment to make her hate-filled videos look more professional.

A few months later she exploited the pandemic, and her followers, by begging for £30 donations so they could ‘volunteer’ for the party!

As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, Jayda’s party doesn’t seem to do very much except for repeatedly ask for donations from its members and anyone else silly enough to part with their cash.

She has stood in a series of recent elections at great cost and with zero impact so it’s likely party funds are frittered on paying for her doomed attempts to enter Westminster and the Scottish Assembly.

In an effort to encourage only serious candidates to stand for election to Westminster, a £500 deposit is required when submitting the nomination papers.

Fransen, who campaigned against Covid lockdown measures throughout the pandemic, started her own party in response to government lockdown measures, having quit as leader of Britain First.

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