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My husband wants me to paint an explicit picture for our room


Erotic art can be a turn-on for some.

Erotic art can be a turn-on for some.

Erotic art can be a turn-on for some.

Dear Angela: My husband (43) loves erotic pictures; they're a huge turn-on for him. He wants me to paint an erotic picture for our bedroom, not just a nude, but something real explicit and dirty.

I (37) could do that; I'm an amateur artist and I've painted erotic pictures before, but only for other people. I can't keep paintings like that in the house because I have teenage children.

My husband doesn't understand that. He says we should just keep our bedroom locked at all times but that's not an option for me. I don't want my kids to think we're hiding something - they're between 13 and 16 and they'd certainly get suspicious.

My husband and I keep fighting over this, and I can't see how we can solve the problem.

Answer: Instead of painting an erotic picture on canvas, go for a digital picture frame. They come in different models and sizes, as stand-alone or wall-mounted.

To keep your erotic pictures away from your teens, choose a model that works with a memory stick. If you'd like something a bit more adventurous, use your husband's body as a canvas.

Cover your bed in a latex sheet, get body paint, let your husband lie down and then paint a dirty picture on his nude body. For an unforgettable treat, use edible paint.


It’s natural to get noisy in the bedroom

It’s natural to get noisy in the bedroom

It’s natural to get noisy in the bedroom


Worried I am too noisy during sex

Dear Angela: I have always been noisy during sex, but it has become much worse since I (33) met my new boyfriend (29). He is so good in bed that I forget everything around me when we make love.

I whimper, squeal, moan and scream, and half the time I'm so aroused and out of it that I don't even realise what I'm doing. I can't help it - I get so caught up in sex that I just get carried away. My boyfriend is completely different; he is quiet and controlled, and he hardly makes a sound when we're in bed together.

All I hear is some heavy breathing and a little grunt when he has his climax, and that's it. He has never complained about all the noise I make, but I'm worried that he might hate it and that it puts him off me.

Should I try to be less noisy to be on the safe side?

Answer: I can't see why you should be quieter in bed, so don't spoil your fun.

Most men love to hear their partner's sex noises; they are an expression of lust and desire and show how much they're enjoying themselves.

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So unless you hear any complaints - from either your boyfriend, from housemates or close neighbours you might have - there is no need to reign yourself in to keep the volume down.

Boyfriend wants us to do it in the bath

Query: MY boyfriend wants us to have sex in the bath tub. He says we can do that without a condom because the hot water kills his sperm. I'm not sure about this. Is that true?

Answer: Sperm is sensitive to heat and can't survive long in hot water, but if you have vaginal sex you can still end up becoming pregnant. A hot bath is not a safe method of birth control, so use protection.

Looking for a quickie

Query: I (30) never sleep with the same girl more than once. I always look after the girls properly and make sure that they climax, but sometimes I'd love to just have a care-free quickie. I guess that's not on, though?

Answer: It depends. Most women expect you to make an effort and look after them, but in some situations a quickie can be fine as well. If there is any doubt, either check whether a quickie would be OK, or spoil your partner properly.


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