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Lynsey Bennett jets home from cancer treatment in Mexico to surprise kids on Mother's Day

Cancer sufferer makes it a Mother's Day to remember for her two girls after she returns home from treatment in Mexico

Lynsey Bennett with daughters Zoe and Hailee last year

Exclusive by Eugene Masterson

Brave cancer sufferer Lynsey Bennett had the best-ever Mother's Day present for her two adorable daughters - her surprise arrival home.

Lynsey (32) returned to Ireland over two weeks ago after undergoing intensive cancer treatment at a specialist clinic in Mexico.

"I feel like a new woman!" she tells the Sunday World.

But the young Longford mum had to go into quarantine for over a week due to Covid restrictions and did not want to tell her daughters she was back in the country as she did not want Zoe (12) and Hailee (seven) to fret.

"I'm home about two weeks, but I had to do isolation and I had to do my mandatory Covid test," she explains.

"Then I got home on the Saturday for Mother's Day to surprise the girls. I hadn't actually told them that I was home because I didn't know how long I was going to be isolated and I wanted to make sure I had a clear test and that.

"Knowing that I was in the country but not seeing them, so I didn't want them to go through that. If you tell them a date and then next thing if there was any chance that I had picked anything up then I wouldn't have been able to get down. So I didn't want to give them false promises or hope.

Lynsey Bennett gets a warm welcome home

"So I just decided in the end to surprise them and it was amazing. We spent Mother's Day watching movies on the couch and of course the presents were handed out, most importantly; not that I got too many but they meant so much."

Lynsey, who is terminally ill with cancer, settled her High Court action over the alleged misinterpretation of her cervical smear slides earlier this year.

The single mum has planned her own funeral, and has set up a trust fund for her daughters, but last month she flew to Mexico with her radio DJ pal Martin Guilfoyle to attend the ground-breaking Hope4- Cancer clinic.

"I feel so revived, I feel like a new woman," she beams.

"They really did stuff to me on so many of my levels that were low, and it did seem to come back that there has been the possibility of shrinkage in my tumours, where my nodes are.

"There was no change in the one that's in my pelvis, but they do feel that there has been reduction. They do say it's not like 'the cancer is going to completely go'. It means there's some stability there for now because the cancer hasn't got any bigger at this moment."

Lynsey Bennett

She adds: "I'm able to stay awake longer, I'm not napping as much. I was constantly having to sleep during the day on and off, that's gone at the minute. I have got so much more energy."


Lynsey's routine was intense.

"It was six days a week from Monday to Saturday, from 7.10am in the morning until 3pm," she recalls. "So it was kind of nine-hour days and I would be doing lots of different heat treatments. They have a therapy over there that's a non toxic one and I used to get infusions of vitamin C, D and B17."

There were a variety of machines she used.

"There were machines that are trying to rejig and change your energy flows, because we are all made up of energy," she notes.

"It was also very much working on the emotional side of things and try and go back on things that cause you stress that might have come to the surface without you realising.

"When your immune system is low, stress can be one of the reasons to make your body mutate. I was in a hyperbaric chamber. You were zipped into it and you lay there for an hour and it just completely oxygenates your body

"I really, really wanted to boost my whole body and get my immune system back up and running. It has been four heavy years of operations and medications, as well as chemo and the radiation. So I really wanted to give my body the best boost that I could. And if it could help the cancer on top of that, that is an amazing bonus."


Lynsey researched the clinic before her trip to make sure it would suit what she wanted.

"It's three or four weeks of my life, so it's a thing where if you go over there for a year I'd be more nervous. I did four weeks or treatment, four weeks of six days."

She has a local hospital appointment tomorrow and will have to return to Mexico in three months.

"I have to do more machines and treatments," she adds. "I have tried my best to buy the machines I could, so I am spending days doing machines, some of them are like colonic irrigation.

"Not all of them were available but I was able to get one and I use it every day. I was also very kindly gifted an infra-red sauna.

"When I came home I was able to get a hot house and a chi machine from a nice man, and it tries to help oxygenate your body. I'm also waiting on a reflexology machine."

She also has her own advice for other cancer sufferers who may be thinking about going to the Mexican clinic.

"I would never tell anybody that they need to go do something. But I would just hope that looking at my journey that it sparks something in them to think 'OK maybe there's other things I could mix in with what I'm doing'."

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