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Irish faux pas Twitter reacts after Irish man reveals he left immersion on for seven years

'Think you have to reapply for citizenship after something like that' ... 'Passport cancelled, house arrest to follow'


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An Irish man has gotten a massive reaction online after he claimed to have left his immersion turned on for seven years. 

Taking to Twitter, Keith Doyle wrote: “I'm in complete meltdown...just realised our immersion has been ON FOR SEVEN YEARS !!! Lovely neighbour pointed it out.”

“For an Irish person this is literally the worst thing that could ever happen,” he said.

His Irish faux pas was quick to garner a huge reaction.

“My ‘sin’ for First Confession was I told my mum when asked if I’d done it, 5 mins after being first asked to turn off immersion, that I had (when I’d forgotten) & then legging it upstairs to turn it off. Instead of laughing, I was absolved & sent off to say 3 Hail Marys,” one social media user said.

“This cannot be so, as we were brought up secure in the knowledge that if we left the immersion on, the house exploded,” added another.

Another social media user suggested he might need to flee the country: “I think you need to jump on a plane out of Ireland and when you get to Australia and they ask you if you have anything to declare...tell them you left on the immersion for 7 years!”

“Think you have to reapply for citizenship after something like that,” somebody else wrote, with another adding: “Passport cancelled, house arrest to follow…”

“That's climate change solved then! It was Keith,” another hilarious tweet read.

“Living the dream. I always thought if I won the lottery I'd just switch the immersion on permanently. Be able to have a bath anytime I liked,” another said.

Many felt the need to double-check their own: “Just had to run up stairs and check mine was off.”

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Somebody else suggested a little experiment: “Turn it off now and compare bills in the coming months. You could be the person to finally answer this question!”

While somebody else questioned what our parents once told us about leaving the immersion on: “You're still alive and not in copious amounts of debt!! Were all those immersion rumours lies?!!”

One man, clearly baffled about the circumstances, asked: “But why was your neighbour in your hot press?”

Another questioned if he was partial to leaving on the Big Light too: “Dare I ask about the big light?”

Other social media users pointed out it may not be such a taboo subject after all when they revealed that leaving the immersion might actually cost less money in the long run.

“Ours is on the last 5. My husband still can't get over the plumber telling him to leave it alone, that it cost less,” one person said.

“We leave ours on. Means you have instant hot water and the bill isn’t high at all. I think it costs more to keep turning it on,” added another.

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