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Heartless Thieves stole cancer patient's laptop while she swam for charity


Eileen Rushe and her son Seanmus

Eileen Rushe and her son Seanmus

Eileen Rushe and her son Seanmus

Heartless thieves broke into the car of a cancer patient and stole her laptop while she was taking a break from gruelling chemotherapy to brave freezing waters for charity.

Eileen Rushe (35), who is going through her second battle with cervical cancer, went skinny dipping with her sister and close friends as part of the annual 'Dip in the Nip' event in aid of the North East Cancer Research and Education Trust.

This year the event was held virtually but Eileen, who is originally from Bettystown, decided she wanted to physically take part for a good cause last Sunday.

However, when she emerged from the sea at Gormanston, Co Meath, she discovered that the back window of her car had been smashed and her laptop and her friend's handbag - both of which had been concealed in the vehicle - had been stolen.

Eileen, who celebrated being a year cancer free last June, was left devastated earlier this month when she learned her cervical cancer had returned in an aggressive form which had already spread to her lungs and lymph nodes.


She is now undergoing intensive weekly chemotherapy to try and prolong her life.

Despite the prognosis, the bubbly blogger died her hair pink and purple and rushed naked into the sea to raise money for the cancer foundation.

"It's just so annoying," she said. "We came back from the beach and the rear window of my car was smashed in. We had hidden the laptop and the handbag, but they obviously got them.

"My laptop had all my priceless pictures and videos but thankfully I was able to disable the computer, so it's worthless to whoever has it now.

"A lot of people were disgusted when they heard about the robbery but at least these things can be replaced."

Since her new shock diagnosis, the mum-of-one has again appealed to parents to get their kids the HPV vaccine, saying if she had got it then, her son would not be looking at a future as an orphan.

"My child will be an orphan because of an illness that I got when this vaccine wasn't available to me as a teenager."