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evidence doubt Sligo man who says legal cases 'always go against him' has another bad day in court


Noel Jinks with one of his horses

Noel Jinks with one of his horses

Noel Jinks with one of his horses

A Sligo man who last month told the Sunday World how court decisions always go against him has had another case go against him after a judge expressed doubts over evidence.

Noel ‘Mousey’ Jinks (63), from Mullaghmore, told the Sunday World last month that he appeared in court numerous times as either the accused or alleged victim but never got the decision he hoped for..

He was speaking following a court appearance where claimed his former neighbour threatened him by making a gun gesture at him but the neighour said he had stuck his finger up.

In that case Judge Kevin Kilraine said it was “ridiculous” that Jinks elevated the incident to a threat on his life and applied the probation act to biker Ultan Pereira.

Jinks said he found a bullet with his name on it on his vehicle the following day and was fearful but gardai never established where the bullet came from.

In another case earlier last year Jinks the judge dismissed assault charges against Ultan’s father Cesar Pereira who punched Jinks in the face following a row.

Pereira said Jinks spat at him during the incident which the judge said was provocation.

Jinks was back in court once more last week for a separate case during which he claimed biker Christopher Dunleavy (34) from Breaghwy, threatened his life on October 10, 2018.

However, Judge Kilraine dismissed the charges after expressing doubts about Jinks’ evidence.

The Sligo Champion reported that, in his evidence, Jinks claimed Dunleavy followed him into a petrol station in Grange and challenged him to go outside and fight where there were no cameras.

He also told the court that Dunleavy tried to run him off the road when they were both on their motorcycles earlier that day.

Jinks was initially unable to recall the incident and when asked why he didn’t refer to it in his direct evidence he said he was 63 and lost “track of it all”.

Dunleavy denied the allegations and said he hadn’t even been on his motorcycle that day. He said he met Jinks in the petrol station who murmured some “profanity” as he walked by him before later making another comment when he walked out.

Dunleavy said he told Jinks to “cop on” before leaving in his car and it was not in his nature to intimidate people.

Gardai tried to get CCTV but not footage was available

Mr Eddie Henry, representing Dunleavy asked Jinks if the allegation was “one of the many fabrications” he had made but Jinks insisted the incident did occur.

Mr Henry also referred to Jinks interview with the Sunday World about how court decisions go against him.

Judge Kilraine said: “I’m sorry to hear Mr Jinks is unhappy with hearings in this court and I try to come to the correct decisions. He’s entitled to nothing less than justice.”

He added that every case had to be judged on their merits and if there was any doubt had to go in favor of the defendant.

He pointed out that Jinks had been initially unable to recall the previous alleged incidents on the motorcycles and if it happened should be something he’d remember

Judge Kilraine said he doubted Jinks life was threatened and what happened was more “growling” between the men.

“The fact that I’ve held against Jinks in this [case] and before, shouldn’t be held that it’s an attitude towards Mr Jinks. He’s entitled to his say, but in this case I have a genuine doubt, about what happened in the filling station and I accordingly dismiss.”

In his recent interview Jinks told the Sunday World he had been in court on numerous occasions but decisions went against him.

He was previously in court for threatening a teenager.

“I was in court for threatening to kick a young fella up the a**e in the village here. He gave me the finger one day. I should have kicked him up the a**e.”

Jinks was also convicted of slashing the tyres of his former tenant, threatening him with a knife and threatening to kill his dog unless he handed over €1,000.

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