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quest for answers Sister of missing Esra Uyrun 'devastated' over being unable to travel to Ireland for 10-year anniversary of disappearance

This year is the first time her sister Berna has not been able to travel over to Ireland from London for the anniversary of the Esra’s disappearance


Esra Uyrun

Esra Uyrun

Esra Uyrun

THE mother of missing woman Esra Uyrun fought back against Covid-19 after saying her only dying regret would be that she never found out what happened to her daughter.

This day 10 years ago Esra was last seen leaving her home in Collinstown Grove in Clondalkin, Dublin around 7.15am.

The mother-of-one’s car was later found in Bray, Co. Wicklow, but CCTV couldn’t determine who was driving the vehicle.

This year is the first time her sister Berna has not been able to travel over to Ireland from London for the anniversary of the Esra’s disappearance.

Esra had moved to Ireland from the UK after he husband Ozgur got a job here.

Berna told the Sunday World she was absolutely devastated at not being able to come over due to travel restriction.


Berna and her daughter Ayda make an appeal

Berna and her daughter Ayda make an appeal

Berna and her daughter Ayda make an appeal

“I was crying all day yesterday. I was just bursting into tears on and off all day.”

She said friends she has made in Ireland since the disappearance have volunteered to put up posters in Clondalkin and Bray this year in her place.

She said her mother who was devastated by Esra’s disappearance and had health problems was struck down with Covid 19 around seven weeks ago.

Berna said her family have been left distraught without answers after all this time.

“It’s the not knowing that constantly wriggles in my brain. My mum will be watching telly, bless her, and all of a sudden tears will be streaming down her face. I’ll ask her if she’s okay and she’ll say: ‘Yeah I’m okay. I hope my baby’s okay’.

“She so frail now on top of everything. She got Covid about six or seven weeks ago.”

She took very ill with the virus and her doctor wanted her to go to hospital but Berna said she refused.

“My mum said: ‘If I’m going to die, I’m going to die in my own bed. I’m not going into hospital’.

“All my mum’s friends were on the phone every day asking how she was because nobody thought she’d pull through it. Even we had doubts she’d pull through it. She was so poorly.

“My brother kept saying should we take her to hospital but she said: ‘No, if I’m going to die, I’m going to die here. But if I die I will die without knowing what happened to my baby. That would be my only regret going without knowing what happened’. She’s a fighter and she has such a pain threshold.”

Berna said her mother’s condition finally started to improve in the last couple of weeks. “She’s a fighter.”

She was not the only member of the family to suffer ill health in recent years. Esra’s brother had a heart attack a number of years ago while Berna previously had a mini-stroke and also had a terrifying incident where she was hospitalised late last year.

“I had a really funny turn three or four months ago when I thought I was dying. I couldn’t breathe. My blood pressure went so high my monitor would not read the blood pressure anymore.

“The ambulance came and ended up giving me spray under the tongue, aspirin and then they ended up having to give me morphine just to get my blood pressure down.”

“I think stress does everything to you. It’s literally a killer.”

She fears bottling up the pain of Esra’s disappearance has led to health issues.

“I think I suppress my feelings for so long that every so often I have a little mental breakdown and just can’t stop myself from crying. You bottle up and bottle up and eventually it just blows.

“I suppose that’s what happened with my blood pressure. It was the bottling up of everything and eventually it takes its toll.”

Gardai initially wrote off Esra’s disappearance as a suicide but Berna said if that was the case she feels her body would have washed up by now.


Esra Uyrun disappeared seven years ago

Esra Uyrun disappeared seven years ago

Esra Uyrun disappeared seven years ago

A new investigation team have been looking at the case with a fresh pair of eyes recently. Last year gardai carried out a search of an area in Bray after a man came forward to say he remembered hearing a woman calling for help there around the time Esra disappeared.

“He said he thought he remembered a woman in Bray calling for help and he went over but said he didn’t see the woman because she was in a bushed area. He said he asked if he should get help and she said no it was okay.

“The garda did interview him and searched the area he pointed out. They sent a drone over it a dozen people squared the area off so they could have a look but nothing came of it. At least I know if someone comes forwards with anything they do look into it which is a positive.”

Gardai also interviewed Esra’s next door neighbour last November who said she saw her leave her house shortly after 7am on the morning she vanished.

Esra’s husband Ozgur also previously told gardai she left the house around 7.15am that morning. He has since returned to the UK with their son.

Berna said there are still questions over what happened between that time and when she was first seen on CCTV at a nearby roundabout.

“There is two much time lapse. It’s a four minute drive that took 15 minutes to get to.”

Berna said she has no prejudged conclusions on what happened to Esra.

“Someone asked the question could she have been kept somewhere or being trafficked and I said everything is a possibility.

“You don’t want to think down that line because that means she is suffering but of course it’s possible because you hear about these women who have been locked up or trafficked. But you just don’t know. We don’t have the answers. We want the answers of what happened and anything is a possibility.”

She said she has even turned to mediums in her desperate quest for answers.

“I try and look at anything and keep an open mind. I’m sure there are gifted people out there.”

One woman in the UK told her she believes Esra was murdered.

“She said there was a white van, three males, her mouth was closed, she was hit on the head but she died very quickly.

“I had mixed feelings. I was thinking do I believe her or should I believe her and I think there’s still that deep hope inside me that thinks that’s not true. But is it a possibility, it is a possibility.”

She said she will continue her search for answers and particularly wants the driver of Skoda who had to swerve to avoid a collision with Esra’s silver Renault Twingo in Bray on the day she vanished.

CCTV does not reveal who is driving Esra’s car.

“I’m just begging there has to be somebody out there who knows what happened to Esra. It has been such a long time I don’t even know what to say anymore.

“We keep mentioning the Skoda driver with the near collision because maybe one day he will see one of the papers and say that’s me.

“I say it every year but maybe this year, maybe this year.”

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