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Shocking video shows girl (15) attacked and beaten by middle-aged woman in Dublin

'Family and the members of the community are angry and distraught at what happened'
Neil Fetherstonhaugh

The horrific moment a teenage girl was attacked close to her school in Dublin by a middle-aged woman has been posted on YouTube by her furious father.

Footage of the shocking incident shows the girl on the ground with her back up against a fence as a blond woman, who is believed to be Eastern European, rains blows down on her head.

As other voices scream, “get the f**k off her” and “you’re a mother, what are you doing”, the woman continues to strike the child as she curls up in a defensive position.

A man appears to be restraining the woman but is also seen to be standing over the girl to defend her as the woman deals out the beating.

The footage was posted by the dad of the girl who was attacked, who wrote in Facebook post that his 15-year-old daughter, “was viciously attacked by 2 Adults on her way back from school”.

“The female, one of the assailants, initially choked my daughter, pierced her nails into my daughter's throat, put her on the ground then the rest is what you have seen on the recording,” he writes.

“The other altercations happened as a result of the young girls trying to rescue my daughter.

“The assailants have not been arrested yet given that I cannot press charges as my daughter, being under age, can only be interviewed by a special Garda unit in Santry.”

He adds: “The assailants live locally in Adamstown. My daughter is scared and traumatized.

“Family and the members of the community are angry and distraught at what happened as well as at the fact that the aggressors are free roaming around."

In a later post the father claimed the same woman attacked other students, including his other, younger daughter, “but faced a fierce bunch of great girls”.

“I would like to thank them. The scar on my daughter's throat was a result of choking and scraping.”

Speaking to the father said the assault was carried out by an Eastern European woman in her early 40s.

“This happened in Adamstown as my daughter was on her way home from school,” he said.

“Prior to the incident my daughter and the daughter of the assailant who are in same class had an argument.

“But after this incident that girl went home and must have told her mother because she then came out and approached a group of girls who were walking and asked which one was my daughter.

“My daughter said I am and this woman went for her.

“She attacked her and left a scar, as you can see on Facebook. I could see from my work that this aggressor was trained in some martial arts, the way she was beating my daughter.

“It was pre-mediated, she came from home in runners and sporting gear.

“I reported it to the local Garda station but I can’t press charges as my daughter is underage and has to be interviewed by specially training gardai from a special unit in Santry and that hasn’t happened.”

In the meantime, the man said his daughter is recovering from her ordeal but is refusing to walk to school even with her dad offering to come with her.

“I drive them to school, even though we are only walking distance away,” he said. “The school authorities are aware of the incident but as it happened outside school grounds they are not involved.”

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