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son's torment 'Sean Nolan's not sorry for what he did to my mam and my family, he's a coward ...I want this guy to rot in hell'

Son speaks of 'smooth talker' who killed his mum


Dennis Carroll whose mother Amanda who was murdered in 2018 with his son Jayden.

Dennis Carroll whose mother Amanda who was murdered in 2018 with his son Jayden.

Dennis Carroll whose mother Amanda who was murdered in 2018 with his son Jayden.

The son of a loving mother-of-two brutally murdered in her Dublin home has said her killer was a twisted manipulator who had taken advantage of her generous nature.

Dennis Carroll was just 16 years old when he came home from playing football to find his mother Amanda dead in the bed of her home in Cabra, north Dublin, in October 2018.

She had been strangled to death by her then partner Sean Nolan before the callous killer fled the scene knowing Dennis would find the body.

Nolan, from Ashington Crescent, Navan Road, Dublin, was sentenced to life in prison at the Central Criminal Court this week after being convicted of Amanda's murder following a three-week trial.

In an emotional interview with the Sunday World, 18-year-old Dennis said he'd never forget finding his mother's body and never forgive Nolan for what he did.

He described Nolan as a master manipulator who brainwashed his mum and further traumatised the family by lying about her in statements to gardaí.

Dennis also urged people to spend as much time as they can with their family and loved ones while they're around.

"She reared me on her own since I was born and I just can't thank her for the great things she did for me and the memories I cherish of her," Dennis said. "She was just a fantastic woman and I love her to bits.


Dennis with his mum Amanda

Dennis with his mum Amanda

Dennis with his mum Amanda

"My ma had too much of a great heart. She was too much of a good, good person and he took advantage of that."

Dennis said his mother made him the man he is today and said he'd do anything to be able to have one more conversation with her.

"You never know when the time is up. Spend more time with your loved ones - always make sure you spend time with your ma and your da and your loved ones."


Amanda Carroll with her killer

Amanda Carroll with her killer

Amanda Carroll with her killer

Dennis said Nolan was a coward who isn't sorry for what he has done and he hopes he rots in jail for the rest of his life.

"I will never forgive him. I trusted him with my mother and I'll never, ever forgive him. I'm more than angry."


Dennis also admits that he was upset at the picture painted of Amanda in court, as it was revealed she had been drinking heavily and had prescription drugs in her system on the day Nolan murdered her.

Dennis said that wasn't who she was.

"My ma wasn't the person who would go out drinking or taking drugs - but he changed her to be like that.

"He changed her completely. My ma wasn't taking any prescription tablets when she met this guy.

"I know, and my family know, she wasn't that type of person, but he had so much control over her. He was manipulating her. I can never forgive this coward for what he has done. He has absolutely traumatised me and my family."

He said Nolan was a smooth talker who charmed Amanda after meeting her in the summer of 2018 through the dating app Tinder.

"He was a very good manipulator. He was a good talker and could talk his way through anything.

"He'd never show his true colours in front of me. He was never violent to my ma in front of me."


Amanda’s brother Gerard speaks to media after the trial

Amanda’s brother Gerard speaks to media after the trial

Amanda’s brother Gerard speaks to media after the trial

He said a few months into the relationship Nolan disappeared off for a week.

"I started to get negative vibes off him. He left my ma for nearly a week and he went off to a crack house, but then he came back and my ma got back with him.

It was shortly after they got back together when Nolan brutally murdered Amanda. They had been out drinking on October 21, 2018 but Nolan was arrested after crashing his car while drunk. He was later released and they continued drinking before going back to Amanda's flat on Quarry Road, in Cabra.

Nolan claimed to gardaí that he and Amanda had a row and she told him she never loved him and tried to hit him before he put his hand over her face to stop her talking and then put his hand around her throat. The post mortem revealed he strangled her for at least 20 seconds.

Dennis was in the next room at the time but heard nothing.

"He was saying my ma was hitting him beforehand - but I couldn't hear anything from the next room. I was asleep but you can hear through my walls. I would have heard it if there was a big row but he's lying through his teeth. Something was said and he didn't like it and he lashed out at my ma."

Nolan fled the scene and Dennis, who is a talented footballer, went to play a game with Bohemians Youths the next morning not realising his mother was dead.

When he returned he found her in bedroom, a moment that turned his world completely upside down. Because Nolan pleaded not guilty to murder, Dennis had to give evidence in the trial.

"Explaining how I found my mother's body in the bedroom was really hard. It was hard for a lot of witnesses up there to go through that. Just being reminded of what happened takes a lot out of you. It's just like reliving a nightmare."

He said if Nolan was sorry for what he did he would have got help for Amanda after attacking her.

"If he was sorry he could have called the ambulance, but he didn't. He's a manipulator. He's a dangerous man who needs to be kept off the streets. He thought he could outsmart this and get manslaughter."

"He did nothing to say sorry for what he did to our family and how much he damaged us... He's not sorry - he's a coward. I want this guy to rot in hell."

Dennis said while he is learning to cope he will never get over his mother's death.

"It takes a lot out of you. My mind is on overdrive thinking I should have done this or done that better - was there anything I could have done to got her away from him - but it is what it is now. She will forever be in our hearts. I love my ma to bits and I'd do anything to have one more chat with her. I'd do anything to see her again."

Sadly she never got to see her first grandson, born a year after she died.

"He was born in October eight days after my ma's anniversary. It's not nice feeling knowing she never get to see him."

Dennis said he wouldn't have been able to get through the last couple of years without the support of his family.

"I have my family and they're great support. My uncles, aunties, grandad, cousins and all of them have all been there to support me. We're all there for each other. I love my family to bits. This has made me more mature and stronger. It's brought me up quickly."

He added that his local community have been a great support and he also wanted to thank gardaí involved in the case, the prosecution team - as well as thanking Mr Justice Michael McGrath.

Dennis added that he wanted to pay tribute to his seven-year-old brother Cameron who has also had a tough time since losing their mother.

"I love my little brother and he's a strong little boy and he's means a lot to me. I would do anything for him and he means the world to me."

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