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boozy party Residents angry after crowd of young drinkers leave mounds of litter in Dublin park

Gardai arrived on the scene and dispersed the crowd by midnight, it has been reported.

Empty cans, bottles and pizza boxes can be seen scattered across a Dublin park after a large crowd drinkers were dispersed by gardai last night.

Gardaí said they attended to “an incident” on the Ballymun Road - near Dublin City University - yesterday evening at approximately 11pm.

There had been complaints from local residents saying a large crowd of young people were drinking and singing in Albert College Park.

Gardai arrived on the scene and dispersed the crowd by midnight, it has been reported.

“A number of persons were gathered in the area. Gardaí engaged with those present and the crowd dispersed,” a garda spokesman said.

“Gardaí are conducting further enquiries into potential breaches of public health regulations. Enquiries are ongoing at this time."

This morning, locals posted images and videos of litter left scattered around the park after the crowd was dispersed.

Some people reacted on Twitter saying that, whatever about the gathering of hundreds of people in a public park, it was the littering that was left being that was the issue for them.

“Saw them. More like 80-100 max in 3 groups.

"Big issue for me is that the place is left in a sh*t state a lot now. Glass/wrappers/cans everywhere. They could reopen Nu Bar outdoors and extend the seating and everything would be exactly the same.”

Speaking to the Sunday World, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin, Mary Callaghan, has said we need to give young people a bit of “leeway” but that the littering was a problem.

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She said: “My own feeling is that, on the one hand it's great to see people out and about, but it's very important that they do continue to obey the rules with regard to social distancing,” she said.

“Litter is obviously unpleasant and particularly on that scale. It makes it very unpleasant for people using the park the next day.

"There would be a lot of people who walk their dogs or go for early morning walks and obviously the council wouldn't be able to get in (and clean up) after an event like that.

“But I would say that that age group, students, teenagers, people in their early 20s, have really experienced a lot of difficulty over the Covid period.

"That group of people, more so than any other group, is at an age where it's a very natural and important thing to mix with others of their age and to go out and have fun with their peers.

“So yes, it's a big problem, but we also have to just try and think about what they've been through as well and find some way that they can actually go out and enjoy their summer, and enjoy the fact that the lockdown is beginning to lift.

"But also they need to respect the rules for the sake of everybody.”

Cllr Callaghan said that we all need an outdoor summer for our health and well-being but that “we need to make that happen in a way that works for everybody”.

“We've all done it, and when you're that age the highlight of your life is getting out and mixing with others of your age and for most children, it's a really healthy part of their development.

“My view is they've had it tougher than many and for the most part they really respected the lockdown.

"So I think we need to give them a little bit of leeway but on the other hand we need to set boundaries. We all need to live together in this new outdoor summer so let’s work on a solution.

“It’s like we’re all bursting into summer and everyone is bursting out of this lockdowns so it’s natural at the very beginning of this that we're going to have a few hiccups.

"But I think over the next few weeks, hopefully, we can we can sort something out.”

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