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Covid outbreak Parents 'left in the dark' as Meath school forced to close


Hand sanitiser in a classroom

Hand sanitiser in a classroom

Hand sanitiser in a classroom

Parents of children at a Meath school that was forced to close its doors after several confirmed cases of Covid-19 say they have been left "totally in the dark" in the absence of any advice from the HSE.

The school took the drastic step of telling all its pupils to stay at home yesterday morning after it was hit by a number of cases of the virus.

However, parents have not been informed yet which classes have been affected, whether it is pupils or teachers or both and which children are considered close contacts.

At around 10pm on Sunday, an email was sent to all the parents informing them of the decision to close the school due to the confirmed cases.

"We're totally in the dark," said one parent.

"The email went out very late at night and then the class WhatsApp groups just exploded with everyone wondering what was going on. There was a lot of stress and confusion.

"We don't know the affected classes, so it's really stressful for all the parents.

"The worrying thing is, we don't have any guidance from the HSE about who's considered a close contact.

"There may be houses with people going out to work as usual, potentially unaware that they should be self-isolating.

"It's really concerning. The school should have received some level of advice from the HSE over the weekend. It's not really good enough that they couldn't contact anyone."


The school, with more than 200 pupils, was first hit by the virus last week, with a case in one of the Junior Infants classes. All the pupils were sent home.

It is understood that some of those children had siblings in the school and their parents may have had to collect them from the facility during the course of the week.

An email from the board of management said they were closing as a precaution after a number of Covid-19 cases. It had not been able to contact anyone in the HSE over the weekend.

"We have not had contact from the HSE and have not been able to contact anyone regarding these cases and are uncertain of the origin," the email states.

A statement from the HSE said it "cannot comment on individual cases or outbreaks to protect the privacy and confidentiality of those involved".