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braywatch Pamela Anderson urges Michéal Martin to put an end to hare coursing in Ireland


Pamela Anderson wrote a letter to Taoiseach Michéal Martin

Pamela Anderson wrote a letter to Taoiseach Michéal Martin

Pamela Anderson wrote a letter to Taoiseach Michéal Martin

Actress and model Pamela Anderson wrote to Taoiseach Michéal Martin urging him to put an end to hare coursing in Ireland.

The former Baywatch actress described coursing, in which hares are chased down by greyhounds, as “cruel and reckless”. She added that it didn’t line up with the “warmth and goodwill” Ireland is known for internationally.

Anderson works with the animal rights organisation Peta - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In her letter, she asked the Taoiseach for a permanent suspension of the practice in Ireland.

If the Taoiseach were to follow her recommendations, Ireland would be in no way the first to end hare coursing. It’s already banned in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

As it currently stands though, hare coursing is not taking place though as Covid-19 regulations do not allow for it.

This isn’t even the first time that Anderson has written to the head of the Irish government though. Back when Enda Kenny was Taoiseach, she asked him to put an end to wild animal circuses, and she would later ask Leo Varadkar to stop fur farming.

Interestingly enough, both of those things have occurred, as the government banned wild animal circuses and previously committed to ending fur farming.

Currently, only three mink fur farms exist in Ireland. But talks are already in place to exterminate the existing Irish mink out of fear they may spread a mutation of Covid-19.

Since her days on Baywatch, Anderson has put more of her focus on campaigning for various causes. As well as her animal rights activism, she’s recently garnered headlines for a photoshoot addressed to US President Donald Trump.

In the photos, one of which Anderson is in a bikini, she asks Trump to pardon Julain Assange, the whistleblower in charge of Wikileaks. She had previously been reported as rumored to have dated Assange.

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