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Pints of view Over 500 apply as Navan pub ad for Guinness tasters is cream of the crop


Brew-tastic: Our Deirdre tries out a pint of the ol’ black stuff

Brew-tastic: Our Deirdre tries out a pint of the ol’ black stuff

Brew-tastic: Our Deirdre tries out a pint of the ol’ black stuff

It's tough work - but somebody's got to brew it.

Navan pub The Royal Meath went viral after advertising for thirsty Guinness tasters this week.

More than 500 people applied for the dream gig putting the establishment's award-winning black stuff to the test.

So I decided to get a-head of the competition by getting the inside scoop on what it takes to become a professional pint drinker.

"The response has been unbelievable," says boss Michele Geraghty of the shout-out posted on Facebook.

"People were liking it, sharing it, commenting: 'I'm free!, 'We're free!' Suddenly everybody was free!

"Well over a thousand people commented and 500 people have actually applied to become one of our tasters."

YouTube star The Guinness Guru last year voted the pub's creamy pints the best in town.

Now ten lucky tasters will be drafted in to confirm the stout is up to its pre-lockdown standard ahead of this week's relaunch.

"Some people thought it was just a gimmick," admits Michele of the voluntary position - with payment in porter.

"But we're really serious about making sure our pints are absolutely perfect before we reopen on Thursday.

"Even before we got the award, we would have been well-known in the area for our Guinness," she adds.

"We'd have our regular Guinness drinkers in here - so they'd have no problem telling us if their pint isn't up to scratch!"

Over 18, I've already passed the first requirement to become a pint pundit.

After that, anyone can apply to become a 'Guinnoisseur', according to the second-generation publican.

"People used to think of Guinness as an old man's drink," says Michele, whose parents Pat and Kay took over the pub in 1968. "But actually we've had men and women of all ages respond to the post. My son is 25 and it's his age group that are drinking it.

"Women also love their glass of Guinness - it's across the board.

"It's definitely not just the auld fella on the bar stool anymore."

Having on-brand black hair and snow white skin will, I'm hoping, boost my chances.

But what are some other insider tips for putting my freshly-pulled pint through its paces?

"Temperature is really, really important," advises the expert, who's also asking the successful applicants and a pal to put a new gin and pizza menu to the test.

"The perfect pint should be served at 5°C and we only use the old Guinness glasses.

"When you look at it, the head should be roughly the width of your finger.

"If you've got foam lacing all the way down to the bottom of the glass, you've got a good pint."

Sadly, rocking a Guinness moustache isn't a qualification - but I'm not stout of the running just yet, promises Michele.

"I actually think you'd make a good Guinness taster," she laughs.

"And if you don't like it, we have plenty of pink gin!"