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back to work More than 28,000 people close Pandemic Unemployment Payment as country gets back on feet


Gastropubs have been allowed to open back up

Gastropubs have been allowed to open back up

Gastropubs have been allowed to open back up

More than 28,000 people closed their Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) claims this week, with many doing so due to the country moving back to Level 3.

In the past week, 28,682 ended their PUP payments, and 25,350 listed returning to work as their reasoning.

On December 1, Ireland returned to Level 3 and saw the reopening of non-essential retail, gyms, barbers, beauty salons, and museums. Later on in the week, restaurants, cafes, and gastropubs were also allowed to open back up.

However, the sector that still has the highest number of people in receipt of the PUP is the accommodation and food service activities sector, with 101,335 people. As it currently stands, pubs that are not able to provide a substantial meal worth nine euro are still not permitted to reopen.

What’s also new is that it’s not enough for pubs to just be able to provide meals - in order to remain open now, the food they provide must come from the kitchen on their own premises.

Although many people have closed their PUP payments, around 348,300 people received their payment this week, which is only a reduction of 3,168 people. The PUP does not stop immediately after being closed.

Regardless, as a result the Department of Social Protections paid out €102.67m this week, compared to €103.65million last week.

They also paid out an additional €83.14m as a Christmas bonus. The bonus - which is equal to one week’s payment - was only eligible for people on the PUP for one or more days between November 27 and December 3, and who have been in receipt of it for 17 weeks previously.

Along with the Christmas bonus, 286,068 people received money in arrears for their PUP claim. The government hopes that these payments will provide people with extra spending money to help the economy during this winter season.

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