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Yes I choo Moment man with a big heart proposes to his girlfriend at Pearse Street train station

This fantastic video posted online last night captures the moment a man with a big heart proposes to his girlfriend in the most unusual way.

As a Northside bound DART arrives at Dublin’s Pearse Street station the tannoy plays the romantic song before we see a man standing at the end of the platform with bunch of flowers in his hands.

As the train stops a blushing girl with her hand up to her face approaches the man who then goes down on one knee.

Beside him is sign that reads ‘me’ with a question mark.

In other pictures posted online the couple are seen embracing while surrounded by security men who film the moment.

The person who posted the video tweeted: ‘Didn’t think anything could perk me up after a busy 13hr shift, and some Gent goes and PROPOSES to his GF driving the incoming train at Pearse station.’

In response one person, who is possibly the lucky girl, writes: ‘Thank so much for sharing this moment. I was so surprised and at the same time excited. Thank you everyone who was envolve to make this moment beautiful and perfect’.

People were amused and moved by the gesture with one person writing: ‘What a platform on which to build a marriage!

While another adds: ‘Ah jaypers. Something in my eye’, as does another: ‘My eyes are leaking. What on earth is wrong with me?’

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