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'real example' Man who failed to isolate after trip abroad led to at least 56 cases here at home


businessman at the airport

businessman at the airport

businessman at the airport

A man who failed to restrict his movements after returning to Ireland from a trip abroad led to at least 56 people being infected with coronavirus, including up to ten households, and a sports team.

The sobering "real example" of how Covid-19 can quickly spread within the community was revealed today in a report published by the Department of Public Health, Mid West.

"In total, 56 cases were infected from the index case, affecting up to 10 private households and a sports team," the report stated.

The case was abroad on his holidays but he did not restrict his movements when he got home.

At first he had "mild symptoms including a runny nose and a mild sore throat", and his "temperature was normal".

"He felt reassured by this and socialised with a group of friends and he later tested positive for Covid-19. However, by this stage, he had already infected a number of his friends and three of these friends went on to infect their families."

"Another friend who he infected felt unwell and contacted her GP to arrange a Covid-19 test. She had the test in the morning but by afternoon she felt a bit better and decided to go to a friend's party."

"After the party, she got her test result and it was positive. By attending the party while waiting for her test result, she ended up infecting a number of other people."

As the index case "has a close extended family who visit each other's houses regularly, this led to some extended family members also getting infected with Covid-19".

"One of his extended family members who had no symptoms played a match and a number of his teammates were infected as a result."

The team members then went on to infect "a number of people".

Meanwhile, the number of cases of Covid-19 reported by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre soared by a record 1,283 yesterday.

It followed 1,276 confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported on Saturday.

Another three deaths were announced yesterday, adding to the eight deaths announced on Saturday.

Of the cases announced yesterday, 408 were in Dublin, 156 in Cork, 88 in Kildare, 80 in Meath, 55 in Limerick and the remaining cases were spread across 21 counties.

The numbers being admitted to hospital is also rising. As of 2pm yesterday, 277 Covid-19 patients were hospitalised, of which 33 were in intensive care units. There were 17 additional hospitalisations in the past 24 hours.

In Dublin, the 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 of the population was 224.6. The number of cases diagnosed in the 14 days between October 4 and 17 in Dublin was 3,026.

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