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'no justice' Man at war with neighbour insists 'threatening to kick someone up the a**e' doesn't make him a 'major criminal'

The families originally got on but relationship worsened after time


Noel Jinks with one of his prize horses.

Noel Jinks with one of his prize horses.

Noel Jinks with one of his prize horses.

A Sligo man who was in a dispute with his neighbours which involved dog excrement, a dead rat, a knock-out punch, alleged threats and a bullet with his name on it has said he is not the criminal he's made out to be.

Noel 'Mousey' Jinks (62), from Mullaghmore, who has appeared in court numerous times either as the accused or as the alleged victim, has said he has had nothing but bad luck in court as decisions always seem to go against him.

"I'm a major criminal," Jinks sarcastically told the Sunday World this week. "I threatened to kick someone up the a**e!

"There's no justice for a hard-working man who has raised over €100,000 for charity. I'm not a criminal but I'm treated like one."


Noel Jinks with facial injuries

Noel Jinks with facial injuries

Noel Jinks with facial injuries

Jinks's most recent court appearance came two weeks ago when he claimed his former neighbour Ultan Pereira threatened him by making a gun gesture at him last October the day before he found a bullet on his van with his name on it.

However, Pereira said he only stuck his middle finger up at Jinks and had nothing to do with the bullet.


Judge John Kilraine said he believed Pereira and claimed Jinks "grossly exaggerated" the incident. He said it was "ridiculous" Jinks elevated the incident to a threat on his life.

Pereira, who was before the court on charges of threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour on October 6, 2019, avoided conviction as Judge Kilraine applied the Probation Act in the case two weeks ago.

Pereira told the Sunday World this week he now wants to move on from the incident.


Jinks has been before the courts several times

Jinks has been before the courts several times

Jinks has been before the courts several times

"It's a bit upsetting having to talk about the fact I had to go through all of this. I'd rather just leave it be. It's over and done and I just don't want to deal with this guy anymore. There's history there but we'll just leave it be."

The Pereira family, who lived across from Jinks, have since moved to a new home and are no longer neighbours with Jinks.

Ultan's father, Cesar, was in court earlier this year following an alleged assault on Jinks outside his home.

Cesar, who runs a motorcycle driving class, had said he was leaving his home with a student when he saw Jinks and another man with a horse outside his property.

He said he was fearful the motorbikes would scare the horse and lead to it kicking if they tried to drive out so asked Jinks to move the animal before he exited the driveway.

Cesar said Jinks replied: "You're the professional, you figure it out."

He said Jinks then came up to him put his head inside his motorcycle helmet before backing away and spitting in his face.

Cesar said he reacted to the spit and delivered a number of "open-handed blows" to Jinks.

He said Jinks nephew 'Pinky' then "charged at him like a madman" and told him he'd kill him.

Gardaí told the court there had been bad blood between the neighbours and Garda had previously been called as a dead rat had been placed outside the Pereira property.

Judge Kilraine said it was extremely reasonable for Cesar to ask Jinks to move the horses and said Jinks spitting in his face was "extreme provocation" so Mr Pereira's reaction could amount as defence. He dismissed the assault charge against Mr Pereira.

Jinks claimed to the Sunday World this week that he never spat in Cesar's face.

"I ride a Harley myself and I'm always making noise with the Harley and quads around there so the horses are immune to the sound of the motorcycles. He just wanted to make a big issue.

"He came down and faced me up and next thing he just punched me out. I fell to the ground and the guards came and I was in a bad way. I was cut, my nose was bleeding.


The court did not accept Jinks's version of events.

Asked by the Sunday World about the dead rat being left on the Pereira property, Jinks said he explained to gardaí how that happened. "It was our cat who killed the rat and brought it on the bonnet of the car. It was made out to be a huge rat but it was barely bigger than a mouse."

He said he originally got on with the Pereira family but the relationship between the neighbours deteriorated over time. He said he called the gardaí previously after mulched grass with dog faeces was thrown onto his land.

This was not the first time Jinks appeared in court. Among other charges, he was previously in court for threatening a teenager.

"I was in court for threatening to kick a young fella up the a**e in the village here. He gave me the finger one day. I should have kicked him up the a**e."

Jinks was also convicted of slashing the tyres of his former tenant, threatening him with a knife and threatening to kill his dog unless he handed over €1,000.

The former tenant, Noel Dockery, was previously convicted of a number of sexual assaults on teenage girls in Canada and featured in the Sunday World 10 years ago.

Jinks told the Sunday World this week he is not the bad person he was made out to be in court.

"In my lifetime I've raised over €100,000 in charity money between horse and motorcycle and trips and stuff like that. My wife jumped out of an airplane for charity...the system seems want to make me out to be a bad person and I'm not."

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